Blink-182 Explain Why You Won't Hear 'Up All Night' On Reunion Tour

Mark Hoppus says they don't want people to hear their new song as 'a YouTube version of us playing it live.'

LAS VEGAS — There's a pretty good chance you'll hear just about every [url id=""]Blink-182[/url] song imaginable on their current reunion tour ... and more than a few dirty jokes too.

With a back catalog that spans a decade, and a set that stretches nearly two hours (not to mention an average song length of something around four minutes), Blink have been throwing just about everything into their recent shows, with one notable exception: "Up All Night."

Since the tour kicked off last week, Blink fans have been clamoring for the band to play "Night," the lone new song they had completed before hitting the road. In early interviews, Blink had promised to unveil the song during the tour, but so far, no dice. And from the sound of things, that's not going to change anytime soon.

"We might possibly [play it], but probably not, though," bassist Mark Hoppus said. "We haven't finished recording it yet, and we really don't want the first time that people hear our new song to be a YouTube version of us playing it live. We want it to be the actual song, and we haven't gotten the chance to finish it yet, so we'll probably leave it out of the set until we actually release it."

While "Up All Night" — which was originally titled "The Night the Moon Was Gone" (guitarist Tom DeLonge's daughter thought that name up, BTW) — might not be finished yet, Blink are still endlessly proud of it.

"It's an awesome song. We [just] haven't done a recording of it yet," DeLonge said. "But I don't even know if we would have room for it, we have so many songs in this set."

"Yeah, we're playing a lot of songs," Hoppus added. "We're playing the most we can without being charged for going over [time] each night."

And cutting even further into that set time are a couple of jammy takes on older numbers like "Down," "Miss You" and "Stockholm Syndrome," which stretch past their original running times and showcase Blink as you've probably never seen them before: ridiculously tight, professional pop-punk machines. After all, they've been doing all this rehearsing — they might as well show off a bit.

"Having Travis in the band, he's the foundation of what we do," DeLonge said. "So Mark and I can huddle around him and follow what he does. We have a couple spots in the set where we really can cruise. It is improv, and it's the kind of thing you don't normally see with a band of our style, and I think it's stuff we'll do more of in the future. ... What's really cool now, aside from the fact we're having so much fun, is the fact that the band is tight. I think we're playing better now than we ever have."

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