Michael Jackson Doctor's Las Vegas Home, Office Searched

Police searched Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston office and storage locker last week.

Less than a week after police searched the Houston, Texas, office and storage locker of Dr. Conrad Murray, they served yet another search warrant on the physician who was present when [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist] died June 25. This time, officials descended on Murray's Las Vegas home and medical offices, where, according to TMZ, Drug Enforcement Administration officers arrived Tuesday morning (July 28) with a warrant to search for patient records connected to Jackson.

On Wednesday, a search warrant was executed in Houston by members of the DEA, robbery/homicide detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department and Houston police officers seeking "items, including documents they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter." Police appear to be building a manslaughter case against the cardiologist, who was hired by Jackson to be his private physician in the months leading up to the planned July 13 launch of the singer's 50-date comeback residency at London's O2 arena.

According to ABC News, DEA agents, along with LAPD detectives and Metro Las Vegas officers, served search warrants on Murray's home and the Global Cardiovascular Associates office in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The warrants for last week's raids were obtained based on the preliminary results of the autopsy on Jackson, which point to the intravenously delivered anesthetic Diprivan, also known as Propofol, as the likely contributing factor to Jackson's death.

The Associated Press reported Monday that Murray administered a dose of the powerful anesthetic to Jackson, who allegedly used the drug regularly as a sleep aid to combat chronic insomnia. Several reports have claimed that the final results of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office investigation into Jackson's death, due this week, will confirm investigators' theory that a dose of the drug administered by Murray in the hours before the singer's death caused his heart to stop.

Murray has reportedly been staying at his Las Vegas home as the investigation into Jackson's death unfolds. A spokesperson for Murray's lawyer, Edward Chernoff, told MTV News on Friday that Murray is not an official subject of a manslaughter probe. Officials, however, are reportedly building a case against the doctor, who has been a witness but not a suspect in the singer's death to date. In last week's raid in Houston, investigators carted off a number of items, including: vials of the weight-loss drug Phentermine; billing records; medication orders; shipping receipts; billing receipts; medical records; a photocopy picture of Dr. Murray; Rolodex cards; a bio on Dr. Murray; public-storage receipts; two computer hard drives; a medical-board certificate; letters to a former employee; a computer; e-mails from one of Murray's former employees; and unnamed "implements and instruments used in the commission of a crime."

A spokesperson for Murray could not be reached for comment at press time.