'Iron Man 2' Cast, Director Get Fans Pumped For Sequel At Comic-Con

From War Machine to Scarlett Johansson's short dress, there was plenty for Tony Stark fans to drool over in San Diego.

SAN DIEGO — Two years ago, Tony Stark entered Comic-Con as a man who wasn't as well-known outside the convention center walls as several of his tights-wearing homies. After Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr. and their team got through with their presentation, he began to soar high on a journey that would take over Hollywood.

This past weekend, "Iron Man" once again blew his way into the Con, with a recently wrapped sequel to promote, and after another dazzling presentation, there was no doubt who was the invincible king of Comic-Con.

Going in, everyone was eager to see what Favreau would bring to the table, and the actor-turned-filmmaker did not disappoint. After 6,500 fans sang "Happy Birthday" to his son, Favreau sat alongside Downey, Sam Rockwell, Don Cheadle and Scarlett Johansson and revealed a silly fake trailer, then the real deal. Then War Machine was revealed. Our Terri Schwartz filed a full report.

Favreau promised that the sequel won't end with a cliff-hanger. Scarlett Johansson, wearing a short dress that inspired audible gasps from the geeks in attendance, dished about the duality of her character Black Widow. "Iron Man" co-creator Stan Lee even stopped by the MTV studio for an impromptu photo shoot. Excelsior!

Certainly, the breakout star of Saturday's craziness had to be Don Cheadle, who was unveiled as War Machine. When the audience got a peek at Rockwell's Justin Hammer selling weaponry to Rhodey, they knew what was coming. Taking over for Terrence Howard, Cheadle told us that his tin-suited baddie will feature prominently in the film. In case you're not familiar with the character, Favreau gave us some background on his vision.

As amazing as it all was, the "Iron Man" footage brought as many questions as it did answers. Is Black Widow good or evil? How will Justin Hammer be different? And finally: Why are there so many days between now and May 7, 2010?

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