Scarlett Johansson Embraces 'Iron Man 2' 'Super Shape-Shifter' Black Widow

'I would say 'major' is the amount of ass I kick,' actress says at Comic-Con.

SAN DIEGO — Jon Favreau unveiled eye-popping "Iron Man 2" footage at Comic-Con on Saturday that included the metal superhero soaring through the sky, Mickey Rourke's baddie brandishing electric whips, and War Machine unleashing a one-man offensive. Its greatest tease, however, may have been the simplest one: Scarlett Johansson in a black leather catsuit.

We caught up with the beauty moments after she left the stage at Hall H to discuss her ass-kicking enigma Black Widow.

"Whose side is she fighting on? I don't know," Johansson said cryptically, following Favreau's lead in playing off the character's good and bad personas in the comics, while saying she's neither a superhero nor a supervillain. "I think you've just got to call me a super shape-shifter, I suppose.

"I'm kicking some major ass — so I would say 'major' is the amount of ass I kick," laughed Johansson, who endured months of blood, sweat and egg-white omelettes to pull off the role of the femme fatale and do all her own stunts.

"Whose ass do I kick?" she grinned, choosing her words carefully. "Well, you're just going to have to wait and see. You don't really want to know, do you?"

Oh, we guess not. But still, we were eager to hear about her favorite "Iron Man 2" scene.

"Well, I have to say all my stunt sequences, because those are the ones I know best," she reasoned. "I've got to fight for them. I've got to be my own cheerleader. So, all the Black Widow sequences, of course."

Finally, we couldn't resist asking one question about her own personal superhero: hubby Ryan Reynolds. Now that he's playing both the Green Lantern and Deadpool, and she's Black Widow, are there any superhero rivalries going on at home?

"[Our characters are] living in two completely different universes," she grinned, insisting that there won't be a "Deadpool vs. Widow" movie any time soon. "Never the two shall meet, I would say."

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