Whitney Houston Calls I Look To You A 'Labor Of Love'

'Taking your time and choosing carefully what fits you best always has worked for me,' she says.

[artist id="1158"]Whitney Houston[/artist] has a very simple explanation for why it took so long to put out her forthcoming new album, I Look to You, and it has nothing to do with any personal drama she's experienced since releasing 2002's Just Whitney. She says she just wanted to make sure that it sounded right.

"Well, I can say taking your time and choosing carefully what fits you best always has worked for me," Houston told MTV News. "It took me three years to do my first album. The quickest album I have ever done was My Love Is Your Love — it took me eight months."

Houston, with Clive Davis at her side, explained that working with Davis on this album was like being "back at home," and added that they truly understand each other when it comes to making music together. "This time, I was back at home with whom I belong with," she laughed, looking to Davis. "We're good partners. We make a good team because we both love music. I'm talking about music with lyric, great melodies, standards that will last a lifetime for people."

Describing the effort as "a labor of love," she said Davis pushed her to her limits to make sure she put out her best possible music. "And [it was] work for me, cause he kept sending me back in there saying, 'Well, no, we got to do this again,' " she said.

In addition to having Davis' support on the record, Houston also worked with Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and R. Kelly for the record. "But I'm humbled by the fact that people wanted to be a part of the album — were calling in saying, 'Man, I gotta get on there,' " she said. "I was humbled and I feel blessed about the whole project."