Brooke White: It Would Be 'Sad' If Paula Abdul Left 'American Idol'

'I'm sure there's all kinds of mixed feelings about it,' the 'Idol' alum says of the rumor.

During her time on "American Idol," Brooke White won over fans with her Carole King-ish pipes, her piano playing and — most of all — her genuinely sweet demeanor.

So when she stopped by MTV News to talk about her brand-new album, High Hopes & Heartbreak (available on iTunes right now), we just had to ask her about the "Will she stay or will she go?!" drama surrounding "Idol" judge Paula Abdul.

Turns out, White answered just how you'd expect her to: in a genuinely sweet way.

"I just recently caught wind of this ... [it's] sad. She's been on the show since the beginning," White said. "It's just ... when you change [the show's] configuration, it's just not the same. You hear all kinds of rumors, and I never know what ones to believe. [It's] weird.

" 'American Idol' has been going strong for such a long time ... I mean, they added Kara, and obviously that was different, but to take something away from it that's actually been there for so long?" she continued. "I'm sure there's all kinds of mixed feelings about it, but I think, if it's been working ... it's just part of the show. And [Abdul is] so incredibly positive and genuinely very caring about the contestants. She takes a lot of extra time ... we don't interact with the judges very much, but out of all three of them, she was the one who came forward to us and paid attention to how we were."

White was also unaware of a recent TMZ video in which "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest joked (?) that Jennifer Lopez — who served as a celebrity mentor during the show's sixth season — would be a perfect replacement for Abdul if she left the judge's table. But she did think J.Lo would be a perfect fit should she land the gig.

"I had no idea that was out there being said. I never thought about J.Lo as a judge ... she was a good mentor, though. I remember watching it and thinking, 'She's so nice.' She was very personable," White said. "And when you're on the show, you see these mentors and sometimes you only get a few minutes with them and you don't really get a sense of them. But some of them take the extra time to reach out and be a little personable. And I think she was one of those."

And just in case it doesn't work out with Abdul or Lopez, well, White said she would consider filling in as an "Idol" judge — in about a decade.

"Oh, 10 years down the line? You never know. I would never say no," she laughed. "I would always take a good look at something before I say yea or nay about it."

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