Paramore Explain Why They Need Brand New Eyes

New album, due September 29, is about the band's need for a 'whole new perspective.'

On Thursday, while the majority of the world was first learning of the death of Michael Jackson, [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] announced the title of their much-anticipated new album. Needless to say, the news got lost in the shuffle.

In case you missed it, the album is called Brand New Eyes, and it will hit stores on September 29. And since this is a fairly big deal — after all, Eyes follows Riot!, an album that sold a million copies and turned Paramore into one of the biggest rock bands in the world today — we decided to ask Hayley Williams and company to explain the meaning behind that title.

"It was meant to be a song on the record," Williams told MTV News. "It was one of the first songs we put together, and it just didn't work out ... the lyric was originally really sad and negative. It was, 'I lost all my friends since they got brand-new eyes.' But we didn't use the song, [and we] stole the lyric because we liked the sound of it. Basically, the concept is, 'In order for our band to move on to whatever's next — and also us personally, as individuals, in order to grow up — [we needed to start] seeing each other, seeing everything, in a whole new perspective. Just trying to let go of whatever we might have struggled with the past and just see each other in a new way."

By Paramore's own admission, the record was born out of intense inner struggle and battles with self-doubt. So, when Williams wrote those lyrics, the rest of the band knew right away that they had found the name for their new album.

"We had tossed around a bunch of other ideas and talked about it," bassist Jeremy Davis said. "But in the same discussion, 'Brand New Eyes' came up, and we all thought about it for a second, and then we didn't think about it again. It just felt so right, right away."

And just in case you were wondering what other titles Paramore were kicking around for the album, well, you'll soon know the answer. Because the deluxe edition of Eyes will come bundled with a copy of Williams' lyric journal.

"We're taking the journal where I wrote all the lyrics and the meanings of each song, as we were going through the writing process, [and] we're putting that journal in a deluxe package of the record that will come out," Williams explained. "And the other album titles are in there, from the actual discussion where we sat down in our kitchen in Malibu and hashed it out. There weren't too many. One of them was 'Misguided Ghost,' which is actually the title of a song on the record ... and then another one was 'The Backwards Race,' which was a pretty good one, I got to admit. But from very early on, we knew what we were going to call this album. We really felt like 'Brand New Eyes' just felt right."