Jamie Foxx Thanks Halle Berry For Awards Show Kiss

'My life will never be the same,' actor jokes following Guys' Choice smooch.

When the Spike Guys' Choice Awards aired Sunday night, men celebrated the beauty that is Oscar winner [movieperson id="5228"]Halle Berry[/movieperson] by honoring her with the Decade of Hotness award.

But it was Berry who used the awards show as a platform to show the world her comic side when she intensely kissed presenter Jamie Foxx, parodying the 2003 Oscars moment when Adrien Brody kissed her after winning the Best Actor trophy. The kiss and the show, which taped last month, made their big debut on Sunday.

And Foxx, as you might imagine, isn't complaining about it. "Halle Berry's very attractive and has very soft lips. I just really appreciated the fact that I got a chance, you know, because it was very intense," he told MTV News. "Things happen."

Foxx described the whole thing as a "great joke," but was also fully aware of the countless men who would've killed to be in his place.

"To be honest, it was a great joke that Halle did. It was funny ... because people sort of misunderstood the pictures that came out," said Foxx, who will host the BET Awards on Sunday. "But it was a joke — respect to her and her family and everything like that. It was a funny, funny joke."

Joking aside, he admitted that he was honored to have been on the receiving end of that kiss. "She really got one over one me," he said. "She was actually mirroring what Adrien Brody did to her on the Oscars, and she did it to me on the [Guys'] awards. So thank you for that, Halle. My life will never be the same."