'Hills' Star Lauren Conrad Says Novel 'L.A. Candy' Not Based On Show

'I didn't take anything specifically that happened to me,' she says of the characters and situations in her first novel.

Lauren Conrad is officially a novelist. The former "Hills" star just released her debut novel, "L.A. Candy," to the masses, but if the plot sounds much like her own life, Conrad assures her fans out there that this is a work of pure fiction.

"I didn't take anything specifically that happened to me. The only thing that I did was ... it was a way to show not necessarily me but just the other side of being on a show like ours," Conrad told MTV News. "For everyone that's done it I think you see one side and you don't see the other. It's kind of an interesting story to tell."

The plot revolves around a girl named Jane Roberts who moves to Hollywood and eventually gets her own reality show, which bears the same name as the book. She ends up working at an events company and it features all of the ups and downs of Jane's personal and professional lives.

So, if you're still not convinced that it's all made up — or you're one of the readers trying to decipher which characters are based on her friends from "The Hills" — think again. Conrad insists these are characters she concocted on her own.

"I think people already think some of the characters are based on certain characters, but the thing is, I think everyone has certain people in their life," she said. "Everyone has someone they really don't get along with. Everyone has a best friend. They have their parents. They have all these different people in their life and so does this character [Jane] and they all represent different people who change you."