Ashlee Simpson-Wentz 'So Excited' About 'Melrose Place'

'It's got good drama,' singer/actress says of the show.

Come this fall, [artist id="1241636"]Ashlee Simpson-Wentz[/artist] will make her way back to the small screen for a new full-time gig on the CW's new "Melrose Place." The series, based on the drama-filled original from the '90s, which starred Heather Locklear, Marcia Cross and Kelly Rutherford of "Gossip Girl," promises to be just as scandalous as the original.

"I play the girl that's straight-off-the-bus. It's fun," Simpson-Wentz told MTV News about her character, the seemingly naive Violet Foster. "It's exciting because we don't get to see the next episode. We don't get to read the scripts until we're actually about to shoot it, and everyone is dying to know what's going to happen to their characters, so it's fun. It'll be exciting to play that arc. ... It's got good drama."

And with rumors that a dead body is already involved in the plotline of the first episode, it's a far cry from Simpson-Wentz's other TV series. "For me, I started off doing '7th Heaven.' I went on to do my music career so now I'm really, really thrilled [to be back on TV]. This is what I wanted to do and this is such a great show. I'm so excited about the show."

Recently, Simpson-Wentz made a cameo on "CSI" alongside her hubby, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. But don't expect to see him on the show anytime soon. "He hangs with me, but we don't read lines," she laughed. "I'm sure he would if I asked him to. I don't know about [him making a cameo]!"