'Twilight' Fans Still Hyperventilating Over 'New Moon' Trailer

'I am still freaking out and have not come down from the high I felt watching the new trailer,' one Twilighter writes.

There were plenty of "Twilight" moments packed into Sunday night's MTV Movie AwardsKristen and Rob's almost-kiss, the Best Movie win, Kristen's fumbled Golden Popcorn — but the one thing fans can't stop talking about (or watching) is that long-awaited "New Moon" trailer.

"I've watched the trailer so many times, I have it memorized," MTV reader MissyTwilighter32109 wrote. "[It was] better than I thought it would be. I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER 20th. It seems like they finally got it right this time."

Since the clip debuted less than 24 hours ago, Twilighters have taken to our comments sections to express their excitement for the film. Let's just say, the fans are pleased.

"OMG. I am still freaking out and have not come down from the high I felt watching the new trailer," NessieCullen wrote.

"WOW! I cannot stop watching it. And every time, I get goose bumps. I love everything! Especially Jacob!" Garrettbw echoed the praise.

While it may be too early to tell, if our superfans are any indication, it looks like the breakout star of "New Moon" will be Taylor Lautner.

"I [was] slightly concerned with how it will compare to the book, but once I saw Taylor Lautner burst into a CGI wolf, I [was] hooked!!" Munkygirl23 wrote.

Twilightgirl2316 is also on Team Jacob. "Jacob looks SO hot. I stopped breathing!!!!! The wolf looks amazing, just like I pictured. I don't want to wait until November. It's not fair!!!"

And though Lautner himself told us he thought the werewolf scene was "so cool," some fans aren't as sold on the special effects.

"AMAZING!" Zenster posted. "Except for the wolf. It looks like a cuddly stuffed animal."

"Hated hated hated the wolf also (so has everyone else I've talked to that I know). I really hope they make it better by the time it hits the big screen," Peebo55 wrote.

But one thing the Twilighters seem to agree on is that the film's November release date can't come soon enough.

MTV user Alicia put it simply: "I want the movie to come NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!!"

If you were as excited as we were about the first "New Moon" trailer on the MTV Movie Awards, show us! Turn on that webcam, tape your reaction and upload it to YouRHere.MTV.com. Tag your upload as "Twilight" so we can find it, then check back here as we post the highlights!

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