Rob Zombie Talks Return To 'Halloween' Series With 'H2'

Director says lead characters are 'dark and damaged.'

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With some help from the incomparable Rob Zombie, "Halloween" is coming early this year. First he let MTV visit the set of August's "H2," then we brought you a new photo of blood-soaked Michael Myers, and now Rob has given us the first clip ever released from his highly anticipated horror sequel.

Tune in Sunday night at 11 p.m. for our brand-new movie show "Behind the Screen," where Rob's exclusive footage will be accompanied by peeks at such films as "Brüno," "Inglourious Basterds" and "Get Him to the Greek." On the eve of the show, Rob spoke to us about the sequel, why this is his final "Halloween" film and ... "Weird Al" Yankovic?

MTV: What's the latest on "H2," Rob?

Rob Zombie: We're editing now. The movie comes out August 28, so we've gotta haul ass.

MTV: You've gotten past the origin story/ remake baggage and now Michael is yours. What are you doing with your newfound freedom?

Zombie: I can deal with the aftermath in a realistic fashion. All of our lead characters now are dark and damaged. Not just Michael, but also Laurie Strode, Sheriff Brackett and all these characters that were pretty unaffected in the first film, but have now gone through hell. Following their journey is much more interesting.

MTV: It sounds a bit deeper than the old-school "Halloween" stuff.

Zombie: It is. This is about the journey of three parallel lines that run through the movie: The journey of Michael, the journey of Laurie and the journey of Dr. Loomis. They all run parallel to each other, interweaving, until they collide in the finale — it's not just that Michael is back to chase more girls around.

MTV: And are you also going out of your way to make the kills the bloodiest yet?

Zombie: Not exactly. I think [one of the problems] with the series was when it tried to get creative with a lot of the killing and it became silly. People were getting electrocuted and stuff that was so much larger-than-life that you'd roll your eyes and it almost became like a Road Runner cartoon. There's a scene in this movie where somebody dies, and it is as heartbreaking as any scene in any movie of someone dying.

MTV: What's going on with Malcolm McDowell's Dr. Loomis this time around?

Zombie: Loomis has become the ultimate money-hungry media whore. He's out there doing everything, selling everything he can — with no remorse. The girls that survived, their faces are scarred, their bodies are scarred, but Dr. Loomis is in better shape than ever. He's the person who caused it all, some people think, and he's living it up and loving every minute of it. Until he's not.

MTV: I heard that "Weird Al" Yankovic is in the film. Seriously?

Zombie: Yeah, he plays himself. I wanted to have a scene where Loomis was on a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"-type

-type talk show, and I needed another guest on the couch with him to relay what a sellout he is. I was like, "What celebrity would be the complete antithesis of someone claiming to be a serious doctor?" And I thought "Weird Al" would be great — he adds such a great level of realism to what's going on.

MTV: How many more "Halloween" films do you plan on making?

Zombie: I would say this is definitely it for me. I did all I can do — I'm sure they'll make more, but they'll make them without me. After "H2" comes out, I'm going to put out an album and go on tour — so I can relax.

MTV: Does this film have a definite ending, wrapping up the Rob Zombie pair of films?

Zombie: Yes, it definitely does. When it ends, you definitely don't think to yourself, "Oh, they're setting up a third one." Instead, you'll just think, "Holy f---!"

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