Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, Others Take 'American Idol' Opinions To Twitter

'Sad,' was the single-word Tweet Perez Hilton posted after Adam Lambert's loss.

By now, you've probably heard that Kris Allen took home the coveted "American Idol" crown last night. You've probably already Tweeted about the news and shared your two cents via your Facebook status. Well, many celebrities did the same thing. From former "Idol" runner-up David Archuleta to Emmy Rossum, stars took to their Twitter accounts late last night and early this morning. Some were enraged (Diablo Cody), some were apathetic (Pink) and some showed love for both Adam and Kris.

Jordin Sparks told MTV News earlier this season that she just couldn't choose a favorite contestant. Well, the season-six "Idol" winner stayed consistent and when the final name was called, Sparks wrote, "Yaaaaay Kris!!! Yaaaaaaay Adam!!! Omg. Nice. Okay. Goodnight. :)"

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"The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck also had high praise for the winner and runner-up. "Congrats to both guys for sharing their gifts!" she Tweeted just after the results.

Same goes for David Archuleta. "Wow! What an amazing show! Congrats to Kris! Also to Adam for the incredible job that he did too! They [are] some awesome performers!"

As for the Adam Lambert fans, well ... their Tweets were a little lighter on the exclamation points. "Juno" writer Diablo Cody hailed herself as the "Taylor Hicks of the '08 Oscars" on her account but made a bold prediction that Lambert would take home the victory. After Kris won, Cody wrote, "F--- this sh--. Time to watch 'Real Housewives' and drown my sorrow in Barefoot Bubbly."

Perez Hilton — an adamant Adam supporter — wrote just one word right after the news broke: "Sad." Later, Perez Tweeted, "Congratulations to Adam, though. It's really a major accomplishment that he made it as far as he did!"

And you probably would've pegged singer/actress Emmy Rossum for a Kris Allen fan, but the starlet is definitely a Glambert. "Adam Lambert seriously did not win?" she wrote. "Such a let down. Kid's gonna be a massive star regardless. Go Lambert!!!"

Mario Lopez also showed support for Adam. "Adam Lambert is coming to the ['Extra'] set today! I thought my fellow San Diegan should have won. He's gonna be just fine though."

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie were spotted in the "Idol" audience taking in the action firsthand. Before the results were announced, Joel wrote, "Honestly Adam and Kris were both great. But watching Adam perform with Queen, he really held his own. I was impressed. I really get him now."

Nicole showed consideration for "Idol" fans on the West Coast and kept the results out of her Twitter updates. "I'm going to wait until tomorrow to comment on American Idol because every time I do, I get in trouble for spoiling it," she wrote. "But I will say this ... Kara Dioguardi & Holly Hunter look like long lost sisters."

And finally, Pink didn't really seem to know anything about "Idol," but she did have a comment on the contestants' rendition of her hit song "So What."

"I heard it [through] the grapevine that someone butchered my song last night on TV," Pink Tweeted. "Does that mean I've 'made it?' "

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