Kris Allen Reassures Adam Lambert Fans: 'He's Gonna Be A Megastar'

'He's probably gonna be bigger than me, so don't worry about him,' Allen tells MTV News 'American Idol' expert Jim Cantiello.

"American Idol" fans might have been surprised by Kris Allen's victory over Adam Lambert on Wednesday night, but no one was more floored than Kris himself.

When "Idol" expert Jim Cantiello caught up with the new champ backstage, he talked about fans Googling his wife, working with Kara DioGuardi and what he has to say to all those heartbroken Glamberts.

Kris Allen: I know Jim — I don't even know how to pronounce your last name.

Jim Cantiello: Holy crap! It's Cantiello.

Allen: Cantiello.

Cantiello: How do you know me, man? I'm just some silly blogger dude.

Allen: I think the [url id=""]"American Idol in 60 Seconds"[/url] is the funniest thing ever.

Cantiello: Shut up!

Allen: No lie.

Cantiello: I'm usually pretty nice to you. I'm a big fan.

Allen: I know, right? Usually.

Cantiello: Sorry, I have to be honest.

Allen: I'm critical of myself as well, so don't worry about it.

Cantiello: All right, cool. Let's talk. You won the big show. Holy crap.

Allen: Holy crap, right?

Cantiello: I want to know: What are you going to do with "No Boundaries" to make it a hit? You've got a big mountain to climb.

Allen: [Laughs.] And hurricanes. It's a decent song. It's got a good message, and Kara [DioGuardi] was amazing to work with, she really was. She's a great songwriter, and I hope to sing it as well as I can.

Cantiello: So I have to ask: Your wife is one of the biggest Google trends out there. After every show, "Kris Allen wife" is one of the top three searches. How does that make you feel? It's a little creepy, right?

Allen: Maybe a little creepy, but she's beautiful and she's great and I'm glad to have her in my life. That's weird, though, that they would be searching my wife. She's a star too now.

Cantiello: So what are we going to hear from your album?

Allen: I felt like I put who I'm going to be on the stage during the performances on "American Idol." And I think you're gonna hear more of that kind of stuff.

Cantiello: Any dream collaborators you want to work with? Producers, writers, you want to work with Kara some more?

Allen: Yeah, I'd love to work with Kara. She's a great songwriter, a great person, she's a lot of fun to work with. I felt like just that little bit that we worked together, it made me better, and I really appreciated that. There's plenty of people out there. I have no idea, and I hope people will knock on the door.

Cantiello: They definitely will. You put out stuff on your own before "Idol." Any of that stuff gonna be reworked in a big studio setting?

Allen: Maybe so, but that's something that's a long time ago and in a different place. Hopefully new stuff will come out.

Cantiello: Last question: There's some heartbroken Adam Lambert fans on the Internet. What do you say to them right now to cushion the blow a little bit?

Allen: OK, here's the deal: Adam is gonna be fine. He's gonna be a megastar. He's probably gonna be bigger than me, so don't worry about him. He's great. I'm really happy for him.

Cantiello: Happy for him, and super happy for you. Congratulations, Kris.

Allen: Thanks a lot.

Cantiello: Enjoy the ride.

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