Chris Brown's Attorney Wants Case Dismissed

Lawyer says leaks of Rihanna photo and other evidence should be basis for dismissal.

Mark Geragos, the attorney representing Chris Brown in his felony assault case, told reporters outside of a Los Angeles courthouse on Wednesday morning (April 29) that he wants the case dismissed entirely, due to high-level leaks in the investigation.

"Leaks can form the basis for a motion to dismiss the case in regard to outrageous governmental misconduct," Geragos said, according to E! News.

The "leaks" the lawyer was referring to include the widely circulated police photo of Rihanna that showed the starlet badly bruised and suffering from a number of scratches, according to The site also reported that Geragos will file a motion regarding the photo, as well as "several other incidents of leaks about the case." When the photo first appeared on TMZ in February, the Los Angeles Police Department announced it would conduct an investigation into the leak, but no findings in the matter have been announced as of press time.

Geragos appeared in court without Brown and, as expected, requested additional discovery time. The attorney claimed that evidence turned over by the LAPD still had not been presented to him, according to OK! magazine. Without much objection from prosecutors, the judge scheduled a new hearing for May 28.

The stipulated date could help speed up a possible plea-deal negation. Brown's attorney and the L.A. County District Attorney's office have reportedly been working on striking a deal.

The judge also ruled to release Rihanna's jewelry on Wednesday. The female singer's attorney had requested the borrowed items, reportedly worth up to $1.4 million, that she had been wearing on the night of the incident be returned from police custody. Police will take photos of the jewelry and use the images should the evidence be needed in court.