Heidi Montag's Wedding Gown Was 'Gorgeous,' Richie Rich Says

The designer wishes the 'Hills' star had gone 'a younger route' than the dress she wore to marry Spencer Pratt.

Sure, Stephanie Pratt may have thought that her new sister-in-law looked "amazing," but what do real fashion experts think of the Monique Lhullier wedding gown Heidi Montag wore on Saturday?

"I thought Heidi's dress was actually really gorgeous," designer Richie Rich told MTV News. "It's classy with a bit of a twist. Very Cinderella-like."

Though Richie thought the choice of Monique Lhullier was "great," he said he had been hoping that the new Mrs. Pratt would have gone hipper with her look instead of classic. "I wouldn't have minded if she had gone a younger route, just a little bit, just because of who she is and who her fans are. Almost like a Vivienne Westwood, or the way Gwen Stefani did it. I like the way Gwen mixed in the pinks and the whites — youth-ified it, but it was chic at the same time."

Richie had no qualms about Heidi's accessories, which made the look better thanks to the addition of a million dollars' worth of jewels from Neil Lane. "All the diamonds are great! I love when girls wear millions of dollars' worth of diamonds. I just hate when they have to return them. That kind of stinks!"

In addition to the diamonds, Richie couldn't help but love the way that Heidi wore her hair with a tiered veil. "I like that the veil was towards the back and you saw the beautiful blond hair, kind of classy and Hollywoodish," he said. "It has the vibe that she has, very Laguna Beach."

Richie described her look as "very chic" and "elegant," he thought that Spencer could have done himself up more to have a more cohesive look with his bride. "I wish Spencer went more the classic route. I'm not crazy about a long men's tie for a wedding. I think bowties are so much chicer. ... She looked very elegant, and I think that's more of an elegant way a guy can go."

Richie may not have had the chance to go to the wedding himself, but he did know exactly what he'd give Speidi as a present. "I would get a smile for Spencer. He's always so cranky," he said, laughing. "For Heidi, just a bottle of champagne. I know the girl loves her bubbles like I do, so why not?"