Miley Cyrus Tweets About Nick Jonas Reunion Rumors

'It makes me sad to think that people out there aren't friends with their ex,' said singer/actress.

Last week, rumors began to emerge that Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas were rekindling their romance after the two recorded the charity song "Pass It On" and were later seen getting lunch together in Los Angeles.

Well, [artist id="2408193"]Miley[/artist], who is dating model/musician Justin Gaston, has taken to her Twitter page to clear up the rumors and assure everyone that she's not going back to her ex. "I like to keep my private life as private as possible," she wrote. "Justin and Nick are two very amazing people, and they both mean so much to me."

She also added that "it makes me sad to think that people out there aren't friends with their ex [boyfriend], because let me tell you, it is possible."

Miley has been candid about her split with Nick Jonas, and in her book, "Miles to Go," she called him her "Prince Charming." But the singer/actress has also been quite public about hitting the town with current beau Gaston. In another Twitter post, she wrote, "I heard once 'u can love more than one in your life but there is only one love of your life.' I love both of them so much and they are both very dear to my heart."

Cyrus called Justin "amazing," adding, "He can always make me laugh and has a heart of gold. And Nick is so lovely. He reaches out to so many people with his music, not only with his talent but with his heart. Our love for music is something that keeps our friendship together."

Miley added that no matter what, Nick will be her friend forever. Hoping that her Tweets cleared up any speculation people may have about the relationship, she said, "So there. That's all I will say about this stupid rumor."