'Transformers' Sequel Is 'Bigger, Badder, Better,' Cast Says

New castmembers Ramon Rodriguez and Isabel Lucas share 'Revenge of the Fallen' details.

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Last we heard from Sam Witwicky ([movieperson id="313344"]Shia LaBeouf[/movieperson]), he'd just helped his Transformer buddies save the world. Now, as the much-anticipated sequel picks up, all Witwicky wants is to quit being a hero for a while and become a regular college kid. This being a [movieperson id="171297"]Michael Bay[/movieperson] film, however, don't expect Witwicky's hopes for peace and quiet to last very long.

How exactly that tranquility will be interrupted — and what exactly will transpire as "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" gets going — is anything but clear at this point. Plot details are still very much under wraps. But two of the film's co-stars, [movieperson id="424722"]Ramon Rodriguez[/movieperson] and [movieperson id="1050687"]Isabel Lucas[/movieperson], gave MTV News some fresh insight into what we can expect when the film hits theaters June 24.

"It's bigger, it's badder, it's better," said Rodriguez, who plays Leo Spitz, Witwicky's roommate at Princeton University and the proprietor of a Web site about conspiracy theories, from aliens to robots.

Quickly, though, Leo finds out that all this conspiracy mumbo-jumbo isn't just the stuff of paranoid fantasy. "I end up getting sucked into [Sam's] crazy world with real robots and finding out he's involved in the real thing," Rodriguez said. "My complete world is flipped."

Lucas plays Alice, another Princeton student who takes an immediate liking to Sam, even though he's still in a relationship with his hometown girlfriend Mikaela ([movieperson id="333331"]Megan Fox[/movieperson]). "The character of Alice is more the seductress," Lucas said. "She's got mysterious intentions that we don't really know about."

Of course, when it comes to "Transformers," what we really want to know about are, well, the Transformers. Bay has already told us that two of his favorite new bots are Mudflap and Skids, Autobots based on eco-friendly Chevrolet cars Trax and the Beat. He also revealed that Arcee, a pink female Autobot, will be killed off during the movie.

Rodriguez talked enthusiastically about a Decepticon named Demolishor — "Makes [Optimus Prime] look like a roach" — but went on to rave about another massive bot. "There's one even bigger than him," he said, referring to Devastator, a massive construction formed when several Decepticons come together. "It's crazy!"

Indeed, for Rodriguez, "crazy" was the primary description of working with the explosion-happy Bay. "He's like a big kid with a lot of toys," the actor said. "When it comes to blowing stuff up, that's when he gets really excited."

Bay brought a couple of industrial-size fans to the Egyptian desert that blew 100-mile-per-hour, sand-filled winds at Rodriguez's face. He ended up dislocating his shoulder and needed to have his eyes flushed out for 45 minutes. Another time he had to sit perfectly still as a huge metal spike pierced the roof of his car, perilously close to his head. In those moments, he was not so much acting as reacting to a very real sense of fear.

"It's really borderline getting hurt, but you're still safe," he said with a laugh. "But you could get hurt."

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