'17 Again' Crushes Box-Office Competition

Zac Efron flick beats out grown-up thriller 'State of Play.'

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "17 Again" ($24.1 million)

#2 "State of Play" ($14.1 million)

#3 "Monsters vs. Aliens" ($12.9 million)

#4 "Hannah Montana: The Movie" ($12.7 million)

#5 "Fast and Furious" ($12.3 million)

Last weekend, young female audiences took "Hannah Montana: The Movie" to #1, and this weekend they did the same for Zac Efron, as "17 Again" took the top spot with $24.1 million. Polling revealed that 76 percent of opening-night audience was female, with 43 percent under age 18.

But Russell Crowe managed to keep some of the girls for himself, as exit polls also took note that "State of Play" had an audience that was 55 percent female. Whether they were drawn in by Crowe, Ben Affleck or the thrilling subject matter was not recorded, but they helped Universal's newspaper drama debut at #2 with $14.1 million.

The other macho man at the box office was slightly less fortunate. Jason Statham's "Crank: High Voltage" debuted at #6 with $6.5 million and a predominately male audience.

Instead, moviegoers flocked to the familiar again, as "Monsters vs. Aliens" kept its #3 spot, bringing in an additional $12.9 million in its fourth week. The film has earned $163 million so far and is currently the highest-grossing film of 2009. "Fast and the Furious" has also remained in the game and brought in the big bucks. While it dropped to #5 with $12.3 million, it has so far grossed $137 million total.

Tween queen Miley Cyrus couldn't hold up against the power of a "High School Musical" star, and her movie dropped all the way to #4 with $12.7 million. "Hannah Montana" has, however, made $56.1 million in just 10 days, outstripping her "Best of Both Worlds" concert film.

Cyrus also had a better sophomore run than Seth Rogen, whose "Observe and Report" dropped from #4 to #7 with only $4.1 million. The mall cop comedy just couldn't attract the numbers his "Paul Blart" predecessor did, though the film has cleared its estimated budget with a gross of $18.7 million.

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