Dave Matthews Band Make 'Funny The Way It Is' Available For Free

'It's a pretty song and it talks about a lot of things,' Matthews says of the tune.

[artist id="814"]Dave Matthews Band[/artist] are due to rock a sold-out Madison Square Garden crowd Tuesday (April 14) to kick off their summer tour, but that's just not enough. DMB have also made their new single, "Funny the Way It Is," available to download free of charge.

The song is the first single off of the band's new album, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, which hits stores on June 2. "It's a pretty song and it talks about a lot of things ... death and love and all those things ... but it also talks about the world of opposites that we are in," Matthews explained. "That's the idea behind the song — that we will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to save a kid's life and then we will drop bombs out of the sky on each other and blow a whole school of them to pieces without a thought. And that's a funny world. ... That's why it's called 'Funny the Way It Is.' "

Still, don't expect to get depressed after hearing the song — in true DMB style, the melody, hook and overall feel of the song is pretty upbeat. "It is a joyful tune — that's what it's supposed to be," Matthews said. "But it's also supposed to be about the truth. So that's what we wanted to do on this record ... be honest with ourselves."