Miley Cyrus Would Love To Live A 'Hannah Montana'-Style Double Life

Actress/singer doesn't think her show's charade would work in reality.

In "Hannah Montana: The Movie," Miley Cyrus' character faces quite the dilemma: Does she continue leading a double life as pop star Hannah Montana and regular girl Miley Stewart, or does she finally make a choice?

It seems like a scenario [artist id="2408193"]Cyrus[/artist] would understand, but in her life, there aren't two sides: She's always the superstar. "That would be awesome, but like I kind of show in the movie, it's not a reality," she told MTV News. "So if it was, I would love it, but I don't think [having an alter ego] would work as long as it does on the show."

Cyrus said she's much more like "normal" alter ego Miley Stewart than like Hannah. "It's the Hannah Montana character that changes so much, because she's a little more into the material and all that stuff," Cyrus said. "That's what turns her into, kind of, this diva that needs to go back to Nashville."

Her co-stars seem to agree that Cyrus is more Stewart than Montana. At the end of the day, she's really just a regular girl living an extraordinary life. "I think Miley is sort of Miley all the time. One of the great things about her is, what you see is what you get," her onscreen brother, Jason Earles, told MTV News. "She doesn't really hide how she feels about things, and she really is a down-home country girl at heart, so Miley Stewart is close to how she is in real life. Sometimes in real life, she's forced to be like Hannah Montana."

Similarly, Cyrus' onscreen beau — played by Jason Till, who hadn't met her before doing the movie — was surprised to learn just how humble the teen queen is. "I was expecting Hannah Montana attitude, a little snooty," he said, "She wasn't at all. She was just a normal girl. I was so surprised. Normal — as normal as the most dynamic personality can be. She's so normal, you think you can just go out, and you really can't."

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