Britney Spears' Circus Tour Wows Pittsburgh

From 'Circus' to 'Womanizer' to '... Baby One More Time,' fans can't get enough Britney.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — A stampede of young women has stormed the Mellon Arena.

Dressed in their Friday-night best, excited young fans, largely ranging from ages 13 to 30, are buzzing throughout the halls of the venue. Groups of friends are huddled together, laughing; mothers and daughters are walking hand in hand. Then, a single drumbeat brings the crowd to attention — and immediately sends them into a frenzy. Girls in high heels sprint in all directions; the long line of women waiting to use the restroom dissipates in about 10 seconds.

Ladies and gentlemen, [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] is about to take the stage.

Of course, Britney needed no introduction here. From the minute the tape of her ringmaster — celebrity blogger Perez Hilton — appeared on the jumbo screen, fans were on their feet, filling the arena with deafening screams. All of their hard work — making homemade Britney T-shirts and necklaces, memorizing lyrics, mastering dance moves — was validated when the pop princess descended onto the stage from a suspended metal balcony and began to sing "Circus." And what a circus it was!

After the opening number — which included an elaborate team of dancers, clowns, and acrobats — Spears ditched her red ringmaster's coat and morphed into a sexy cage dancer for "Piece of Me."

All eyes were on the pop star as she changed into sparkly and sexy outfits throughout the show, which featured a similar format and [url id=""]costumes[/url] from earlier shows in the tour. Britney was a veiled princess for a Bollywood-inspired version of "Me Against the Music," a temptress in an S&M style bodysuit adorned with black tassels, and a sexy sergeant in a tight corset worn over a blue police shirt for the "Womanizer" finale. And judging from the screams after each costume change, her Pittsburgh fans didn't mind a little skin.

Despite the success of Spears' latest album, Circus, the songs that got the most love were classics like "Toxic" and a revamped version of "...Baby One More Time." Even the phrase "It's Britney, b—-h," which was included during a musical segue, got an overwhelming reaction. And of course, fans raved when Spears spoke to them before singing "Everytime" while perched on an umbrella above the stage.

A video montage covering a decade of iconic Britney music-video images that played before the finale also got a big reaction from the crowd — leaving no doubt that this crowd truly believes that Britney is back (if she ever went away!).