Will There Be A 'Watchmen' Sequel?

Director, fans and stars think this is one comic adaptation that shouldn't go on.

After the big opening weekend that Zack Snyder and his cast just enjoyed, Hollywood execs would typically be spending Monday morning peppering their voicemails with the word "sequel." But since the [movie id="302856"]"Watchmen"[/movie] universe is built upon a unique mix of elements that are sacred, satirical and sequel-proof, the graphic novel's fanbase insists it could never happen. And as of the moment, the people behind the film agree that we'll never watch the "Watchmen" in a new adventure.

"I know that I wouldn't have anything to do with it," Snyder told the New York Times recently.

"I don't really know how [a sequel] would ever be possible, because 'Watchmen' is 'Watchmen,' " insisted Malin Akerman, who plays Silk Spectre, when we caught up with her recently. "We covered pretty much the whole novel."

"I just don't know where you go," Patrick Wilson, the film's Nite Owl, said. But, he added, if there ever is a sequel script, he'd sure love to hear the pitch. "You would need one good idea. I don't know [what it could be]."

Akerman agreed, realizing that by shutting the door on a sequel, she's also ruling out the chance to reunite with the people who worked so hard on the film. "[The graphic novel] would be a tough one to beat," she said. " 'Watchmen' is the ultimate the way it stands. I would love to work with the same crew, but it would be a tough one to beat. It would be amazing to see a script, but it's perplexing how you would go about it."

Over the years, creator Alan Moore's aversion to Hollywood and any "Watchmen" movie adaptation has been well established. A recent episode of "The Simpsons" even teased his animosity, giving the comics legend a cameo in which Milhouse asked Moore to sign his copy of the imaginary spin-off "Watchmen Babies." Since the participation of the "Watchmen" creator in a sequel seems ridiculously unlikely, Snyder and the fans seem happy to wave goodbye to Rorschach and friends.

"It would be like me going to ['No Country for Old Men' author] Cormac McCarthy and going, 'I have an idea for a [sequel]: You write a book, and I'll write a movie, and you can release it. You'll win a Pulitzer; I'll win an Oscar. It'll be awesome,' " Snyder said during his Times interview, condemning the Hollywood mind-set that every comic-based movie should just keep cranking out sequels as long as there's money to be made. "The attitude toward comic books, they show their hand a little bit. They would never say that about a real novelist, but they would about a comic book."

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