Miley Cyrus Plays Armchair 'American Idol' Judge

Cyrus gives her assessment of Kara DioGuardi, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta.

[artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist] is on the fence about whether new "American Idol" judge Kara DioGaurdi really adds anything to the show. Cyrus, who said that she has worked with DioGuardi in the past, said she loves the songwriter as a person but applies an old adage to the show's panel.

"I like Kara, 'cause me and Kara have worked together before, so I personally like her, but if it's not broke don't fix it," she said on the syndicated "Johnjay and Rich" radio show (where she also talked about her beef with Radiohead). "But I think she did a good job. I don't go either way."

Cyrus did note that DioGaurdi brings a songwriter's perspective to the competition. "I know she's super talented, and I think they needed a writer/producer. She's just an amazing writer."

She noted that because only a handful of "Idol" contestants, like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, have gone on to become huge superstars, DioGuardi might be able to help contestants step up their game. "If they pick someone [on the show], she can make them a great record."

Cyrus also gave her expert opinions on some of the contestants who've made it to the top 12 so far. She said she thinks that "Twilight"-loving, musical-theater vet Adam Lambert is "a little weird," adding that he does have "good range." She is, however, a big fan of fellow big-voiced 16-year-old, Allison Iraheta.

"I want her to go on tour with me!" Miley said of the flame-haired Los Angeles teen. "I think she's amazing. I think she's so cool. I'll make you an American Idol."

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