Britney Spears' Manager Calls Circus Tour A 'Pop Extravaganza'

'This is a full-blown, full-out Britney Spears show,' says longtime manager Larry Rudolph.

[artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist]' longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, promises that when fans come out to see Britney for her Circus tour, which kicks off Tuesday night (March 3) in New Orleans, there will be "spectacular-ness."

(MTV News will be in New Orleans for the tour's opening Tuesday night — check back for a full report!)

"We ran the show twice yesterday until 2 or 3 in the morning, and it was amazing ... perfect," Rudolph said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. "She goes full-speed the whole show — about an hour and a half. It's pretty intense. This is a full-blown, full-out Britney Spears show. It is a pop extravaganza. It is everything everybody expects from her — and more!"

Rudolph also mentioned that "the costumes are amazing" and are only one of the reasons fans will enjoy the show. "There are so many highlights to this show," he said. "It's the biggest production out there and maybe the biggest production ever launched. We have circus performers, aerialists, dancers, martial artists — we have all kinds of things."

Despite having years of experience on the road, it's been five years since the pop star has had a full-scale tour, and she's feeling a little jittery because of it.

"She has this nervous energy. She's got this way of channeling it," Rudolph said. "I've said to her before that if you were on a football team and you were going to the Super Bowl, they'd want you to be their quarterback. When it comes to game day, nobody brings it like she does. She takes that nervous energy and turns it into the most amazing show."

Rudolph also revealed how the singer prepared herself for such a big tour. "She'll probably sleep late," he said. "Probably get up, have breakfast, and we'll leave to go to the venue at around 4, 4:30, spend a little time, relax, hair and makeup around 6 or 7, and stage thereafter."

He said that the fact that Sean Preston and Jayden James are accompanying Britney on tour "helps a lot. The boys give her amazing inspiration and amazing strength," he said. "It's been a great thing watching them with her throughout this whole process."