Jonas Brothers Wish Stevie Wonder Had Been In '3D'

The brothers say they'd be up for a sequel to their concert movie.

Sure, the Jonas Brothers may have scored Stevie Wonder for their big Grammy night performance, but the guys actually wanted to work with the legendary singer long before. They really wanted to get him on the bill for their movie, [movie id="390709"]"Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience."[/movie]

"We were thinking Stevie Wonder would have been amazing," Nick told MTV News while en route from New York to North Carolina on their Theater Invasion tour of multiplexes showing their movie. "But then we had the opportunity to perform with him at the Grammys. We're so happy it happened somewhere else."

While the JoBros may have wanted to see the R&B icon in 3-D, their own fans were probably pretty content to see the boys, as well as guests Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, on the big screen.

The movie gave the guys a chance to sit back and watch themselves in concert. "You find yourself critiquing yourself a little bit when you're onstage and watching it back," Joe said, but despite his critique, he added, "We have a great time up there, and we can't wait to get back on tour."

The brothers are quick to point out that their movie was inspired by films made by bands from across the pond. "[The Beatles'] 'A Hard Day's Night' is definitely a movie that inspired me a little bit," Nick said. "Not only the musical pieces in that, but also the humor. We tried our best to pay tribute to it. We're also big fans of the Oasis DVD."

After this experience, the Jonas Brothers seem to be ready to do a second movie, if someone offers. "We haven't thought about it," Joe said. "We hope to do another one. That'd be really fun. We had a great time doing this. Thinking about it now, it would probably be a lot like this one."