Anthony Hopkins Wants To Star In 'American Idol' Movie

Oscar-winning 'Idol' addict says he'd love to play Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson's all for the idea.

Anthony Hopkins has a brilliant idea that he'd like to share with the world. The self-proclaimed "American Idol" addict is ready to take on the role of Simon Cowell, if an "Idol" movie ever gets made.

"We watch 'American Idol.' We are 'American Idol' addicts," Hopkins told MTV News at the Oscars, adding that his favorite judge is the snide, candid Brit. "Simon [is my favorite] because he's so brutally honest. There's no political correctness with him. He says it as it is."

It's not too much of a stretch. The actor has a lot of experience playing creepy, intimidating guys — he is Hannibal Lector, after all. And to prove he knows what he's talking about, he gave us his best Cowell-esque "Rubbish!" right there on the red carpet.

The Oscar winner's idea immediately earned the approval of Cowell's fellow judge Randy Jackson, who is sending out casting notices of his own to some big Hollywood players. "I'm a huge Anthony Hopkins fan. [He imitates Hopkins:] 'Fava beans!' Let's do it," Jackson told MTV News. "I'm not gonna say this, but it's been said that I resemble Will Smith meets Denzel Washington, so ..."

In a recent interview, Jackson proclaimed this season of "American Idol" to have the "most talented bunch [of contestants] we've ever had," so perhaps it could be a good basis for a film.

"We say it every season, but I'm not kidding you," he told AOL. "This is the eighth season of the show. People have seen every other brand of artist. But these kids are different than any other season we've had, and I think these boys are some of the most talented we've ever had."

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