50 Cent, Rick Ross Beef It Up On New York Radio

Ross calls 50 'Curly'; 50 predicts 'total havoc' to come.

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] and [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] continued their war of words on Monday night, as the rappers took to the airwaves of New York radio station Hot 97 to toss increasingly ugly barbs at each other.

The G-Unit star appeared on Funkmaster Flex's show and boasted that Ross won't be able to recover "from what I've already done."

Over the weekend, 50 launched a full-on assault on the Miami star through his Web site, ThisIs50.com. Fif mocked Ross' alleged previous employment as a correction officer calling the rapper "Officer Ricky," and flew the mother of one of Ross' children to New York. In a video clip on the site, 50 is seen interviewing the mother, Tia Kemp, and later taking her shopping for a fur coat and Gucci shoes.

The rapper appeared to be energized by the conflict with Ross, especially since his attempts to bait [url id="http://newsroom.mtv.com/2009/01/30/50-cent-vs-lil-wayne-who-will-come-out-on-top/"]Lil Wayne[/url] have been met with little response. After hearing "Officer Ricky," Ross warned 50 that he had 48 hours to come up with a new dis response. 50 then prepped multiple video clips that aired on his site before he headed off to South America for a G-Unit show. Meanwhile, Rick Ross relaxed in Tampa at a House of Hennessy Event during Super Bowl weekend.

Flex admonished Fif for stepping over the line when he insulted Ross' mother, but the rapper responded that Ross crossed the threshold first with comments about his child's mother. Throughout their brief conflict, the rappers' mothers, children and former girlfriends have all been in the line of verbal fire.

"How do you set those parameters?" 50 asked Flex. He went on to issue a vague threat in the guise of information he may have about Ross and female rapper Jackie-O, but promised to save that allegation for later. 50 claimed that Ross' label home, Def Jam, is already asking the Miami rapper to cease his beef with 50, as he'd predicted earlier.

50, for his part, when asked what was next, predicted "total havoc."

During the Celebrity Drama updates on Flex's show Monday night, gossip maven >Miss Info reported that she talked to Ross over the weekend and he apparently was well aware Kemp was travelling to New York to see 50 Cent. 

"Would I stand between her making money with him?" Ross asked. "No." Miss Info also reported that Kemp will be publishing a book, with assistance from 50, called "Tia's Diary: Deeper than Rap," which is scheduled to be released the same day as Ross' upcoming album, also titled Deeper Than Rap. 

"There have been plenty of lines being stretched and crossed in hip-hop beef history," Miss Info told MTV News on Tuesday about the 50/Ross feud, which follows on the heels of an ugly battle been Joe Budden and Saigon. "Women long ago stopped being sacred, kids are the lowest blow, and the point of no return." 

Throughout Ross' conversion with Miss Info, the rapper sounded more expressive than he is during most discussions. He called 50 "a parody of hip-hop" and said the Queens artist doesn't count in the South, where he said they call him "Curly," in reference to his antics. 

" 'Mafia Music' ended his career," Ross finished, adding that the G-Unit rapper hasn't appeared on the Billboard charts "in so long."