Tommy Lee's Helicopter Forced To Land For Flying Erratically

Pilot takes blood-alcohol test, Lee released by police.

A helicopter carrying Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee was forced to land at Van Nuys Airport on Sunday after it flew too close to a Los Angeles Police Department chopper.

Once it was on the ground, though, things got even stranger.

According to, at around 10:45 a.m. Sunday, the LAPD ordered pilot David Martz to land his copter after they observed him flying erratically. Los Angeles' KTLA would later report that Martz flew beneath an LAPD helicopter that was observing a structural fire. Police intended to give Martz a field sobriety test, but when they arrived at the airport, both he and Lee were not present.

After searching for Martz for approximately 10 minutes, they found him at a nearby hotel, drinking vodka. Martz told officers that he and Lee had a "celebration drink" after landing the chopper, and that he had continued drinking afterwards.

Martz was then taken to the LAPD's Van Nuys station and given a blood alcohol test, which proved "inconclusive." Martz would later tell TMZ that he had blown a .01 and a .02 on two separate tests, and provided the Web site with a copy of his breathalyzer receipt as proof. Police also located and questioned Lee, though he was quickly released since he was just a passenger in the helicopter.

While the LAPD did not have sufficient evidence to charge Martz, a spokesperson told KTLA that they were forwarding the results of their investigation to the Federal Aviation Administration, who will decide if any further action will be taken against the pilot.

The incident on Sunday isn't the first time Martz and Lee have flown afoul of the law. According to TMZ, Martz was charged with reckless operation of an aircraft in 2006 after he landed his helicopter in a residential neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills. He had reportedly picked up Lee and two other passengers to fly them to a Nine Inch Nails concert in Orange County.