Bruce Springsteen Talks Super Bowl, 'We Are One' Performances

'This is a really busy month, [but] I'm lucky — I don't work, I play,' the Boss tells MTV News.

Just days after his latest album, Working on a Dream, hit stores, and just a couple of weeks after his rousing appearance at the [news id="1602997"]"We Are One"[/news] concert, [artist id="975"]Bruce Springsteen[/artist] is set to play the [news id="1603868"]halftime show at the Super Bowl[/news]l on Sunday.

"This is a really busy month," Springsteen said, "though I'm more than happy with everything going on. I'm lucky — I don't work, I play."

And to emphasize that point, he's beginning another world tour in April. Springsteen talked a bit about his version of "The Rising" at "We Are One."

"It was truly an experience to be on that stage," he said. "There were people as far as I could see, and the choir behind me sang their hearts out for me. It was a beautiful feeling."

(Check out this shot of Bruce from the "We Are One" rehearsals.)

Of course, the Super Bowl, given its enormous global audience, is a colossal event as well. While Bruce didn't say which songs he's got in mind for the performance, he's aware of just how much emotion and personal connection his audience brings to his songs.

"The thing is, records used to be about telling a story, and that's what I'm great at — and I'm modest about it, too!" he laughed.

Anyone who's seen Bruce and the E Street Band in concert knows just how much they bring to those songs during their high-energy, three-plus-hour-long sets — and they're sure to rock just as hard on Sunday.

MTV News will be all over the Super Bowl's music and movie highlights — be sure to check in on Sunday!