Diddy Says Lil' Kim 'Has Every Right' To Be Upset About 'Notorious'

In a video blog, Puff and D-Roc agree that Kim's portrayal in the movie was incomplete.

Lil' Kim has made it known that she's not happy with her portrayal in the Biggie biopic [movie id="305755"]"Notorious."[/movie]

The pint-size rapper said her and Big's relationship was deeper than what was reflected in the film, complaining that the actress who portrays her, Naturi Naughton, was terrible. And she said Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, and the late star's wife, [artist id="21433"]Faith Evans[/artist], are behind it all.

[artist id="509049"]Lil' Cease[/artist], Wallace, Evans and the film's writers have refuted Kim's criticisms in various interviews. Evans told MTV News that Kim's badmouthing was "just sad." And though Big's mom told Hip Hop Weekly that Kim should "get a life," she also said she felt "bad" for Kim after seeing the film.

Now, however, [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] and Junior M.A.F.I.A. cohort Damian "D-Roc" Butler have entered the fray to defend Kim. The two spoke up in a video blog on Diddy's YouTube page on Friday morning (January 30).

Diddy said Kim called him and asked the Bad Boy CEO to consider how she feels about how she was represented in the film.

"The only thing that I can say about the movie ... that was great from their relationship is that he really respected her as an artist, as an MC and was into her like that," Diddy explained. "All the other extra stuff, it was a movie. And Kim will have her chance, her own movie will come out there. Give Kim her chance. Don't believe what you saw in the movie; it wasn't only about that. She was with us, that was our queen. She'll always be the queen. She got every right to feel that way. The movie is really about Big. Don't focus on none of our parts; focus on Big as the man."

In "Notorious," Kim's character is shown in several lewd sex scenes with Biggie and also in a physical confrontation with the Bad Boy rapper.

D-Roc, who has spoken very little in public about the movie, said the real-life Kim has more depth than her character in the movie does. "She's more than that, and you see that when you meet her," he said.