New Lil Wayne Rock And Hip-Hop Tracks Leak

'Hot Revolver' borrows Green Day lyrics and has a Cars-like chorus.

Could [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] be the coolest rock-and-roller in the biz now? (Or the next Axl Rose?) That's up for debate, but as soon as he announced his all-rock project last week, the genre got a much-needed swagger booster shot.

A couple of days ago "Prom Queen," the first single from his April 7 LP Rebirth, leaked, and he performed the song live for the first time at a San Diego concert on Tuesday. On Wednesday (January 28), another Weezy F. Baby rock record, labeled "Hot Revolver," hit the Net.

The opening guitar riffs are reminiscent of Tommy James and the Shondells' "I Think We're Alone Now," while the leadoff lyrics borrow from [artist id="988"]Green Day's[/artist] "Basket Case": "She said, 'Do you have the time/ To listen to me whine?' "

On this Wayne record, the girl he's singing about may not be crazy, but she's definitely clingy.

"I told her I can be with her/ But I can't be with her as much as she'd like me to," he sings. "She likes me too much, that's the problem."

The chorus features an unknown guest, but the high-pitched crooning will bring back memories of the Cars: "Boy you got a problem/ And you ain't fooling no one but yourself/ You're like a hot revolver, but you ain't killing no one but yourself."

For all you traditional-rap fans, a Weezy hip-hop record titled "Troublemaker" also leaked online Wednesday. Although the production credit has yet to be confirmed, the beat sounds like something out of the Neptunes' kitchen, and the looped vocal of a man saying the word "troublemaker" is a dead ringer for Pharrell Williams. There is no word from Wayne's camp about whether the two new leaked songs will make it onto an album.