Exclusive: Rachael Ray Plans New South By Southwest Showcase

Hold Steady and Airborne Toxic Event rumored to be on the bill for Food Network star's second SXSW party.

Just call it Rachael's revenge.

One year after she set the blogosphere on its collective ear by invading the indier-than-thou confines of South by Southwest with her own party — and then shocking everyone when that party actually turned out to be pretty good — Rachael Ray is at again, with plans for another SXSW soiree.

While details are still limited, a source close to the event told MTV News that Ray is looking to throw an "expanded" party at this year's South By, tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, March 21. Last year's party was held at Austin, Texas' Beauty Bar, but no location has been determined for this year's event.

The source said that "10 to 12" bands could be booked for Ray's SXSW party (last year's bill featured the [artist id="1232810"]Raveonettes[/artist], [artist id="2045958"]Holy F---[/artist] and the [artist id="1944505"]Cringe[/artist], the band fronted by her husband, Jon Cusimano), and while not all the acts have been confirmed, we hear that a couple of fairly huge names — the [artist id="1244759"]Hold Steady[/artist] and the [artist id="2582449"]Airborne Toxic Event[/artist] — have already committed to play.

The source also added that another "big name" will be added in the coming days.

Ray will work out all the kinks at a SXSW pre-party, scheduled for February 25 at Andrew WK's NYC spot Santo's Party House. Semi-Precious Weapons, the Orion Experience and the Cringe top the bill.

Last year, Ray told MTV News that she didn't understand why so many people were upset by her SXSW plans, saying "people think I'm like this food robot or something, but music is a huge part of my life." But she also admitted that — due to her busy schedule — her SXSW party would probably only be a one-and-done affair.

"I have so many commitments and so many jobs that it'd be really hard for me to sneak out and do this again next year," she said. "So this might just be a one-time thing. And to be honest, the food is more of what I care about."

Looks like she found some time in that schedule after all.