Lil Wayne's New Single, 'Prom Queen,' Leaks

Song, from Wayne's rock-oriented Rebirth LP, has slipped onto the Internet.

The hip-hop community probably hasn't had this big of a reference to a prom queen since Pookie in "New Jack City" mocked his drug-fiend girlfriend while they sat around and reminisced in that filthy project stairwell. [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]'s new single has leaked early.

Weezy's "Prom Queen," the lead cut off of his rock LP Rebirth (due April 7), wasn't supposed to come out until Tuesday. However, the track has hit online and radio. True to his and his camp's description, the record is rock and roll to the core: big guitars, rebellious drums and the New Orleans fireman singing instead of rapping.

"I loved her fancy underwear, I sit behind her every year," Weezy sings (with some Auto-Tune aid). "Waiting for the chance to get to tell her I'm the one she should be with."

Wayne — who will perform at the Grammy Awards on February 8 — goes on to say that he would have given the girl in question the whole wide world if she would have hooked up with them. But, as we've learned in many rock tunes, the hero doesn't always get the dame: This popular beauty spurned Wayne. In fact, she flat-out dissed him, laughing at his advances to run with guys she thought were cooler. But Weezy comes out on top, according to the song's chorus.

"She had it all figured out/ She left me with a broken heart," he croons with indignation. "F---ed around and turned me down/ 'Cause she didn't think I could play the part/ Now the prom queen, the prom queen is crying, sitting outside of my door/ You never know how everything could turn around."

Wayne, Keyshia Cole, T-Pain, Gym Class Heroes and Gorilla Zoe have two more shows left for their I Am Music Tour. The January 27 show will be streamed live on Tuesday, according to Weezy's rep.