Beyonce Closes 'We Are One' Inaugural Concert With Unifying Performance

Previous performers and the Obamas themselves join B in singing 'America the Beautiful.'

[artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] brought down the house Sunday afternoon (January 18) as she closed out the "We Are One" inauguration celebration with a soaring version of "America the Beautiful."

The singer, who donned a brown winter coat and leather gloves, was backed by a massive choir, with members alternately wearing red and blue jackets to symbolize the unity between political parties during this historic moment.

The gesture wasn't lost on anyone.

The concert's previous performers reappeared onstage with Beyoncé in an awe-inspiring sign of inclusion. Rocker [artist id="975"]Bruce Springsteen[/artist] and rapper [artist id="1521450"]Will.I.Am[/artist] joined Samuel L. Jackson, Queen Latifah, Tom Hanks and others. [artist id="19226"]Stevie Wonder[/artist] also took part in the festivities, playing harmonica during the song's bridge.

President-elect Barack Obama and his wife, incoming first lady Michelle Obama, were seated just before the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. As Beyoncé belted out the patriotic number from the stairs of the iconic monument, the Obamas also sang along. Seated nearby were Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife, who joined in as well.

Comedian George Lopez and [artist id="1022"]U2's[/artist] Bono were also spotted onstage during the commencing performance.

"We are one," Beyoncé shouted as she wrapped the song.

Other notable appearances during the afternoon included actors Jack Black, Steve Carell and Jamie Foxx. Garth Brooks, Usher and Mary J. Blige also performed. Denzel Washington opened the celebration with a speech.

"Be the Change: Live From the Inaugural" will air live on MTV on Tuesday, January 20, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. MTV News will have wall-to-wall coverage of the event and of the scenes in Washington, D.C., New Orleans and Kenya in the days leading up to the event and in the days that follow.