RZA: Wu-Tang Clan Trying To Get Past Differences To Make New Music

'Once we're talking, it's a dialogue going,' rapper says of the group.

The [artist id="1025"]Wu-Tang Clan[/artist]'s current tour is winding down and, from [artist id="3118022"]RZA[/artist]'s descriptions, time has healed almost all wounds. RZA and Method Man had a personal falling-out that caused them to stop speaking to each other for at least a month, and there are still feelings of disappointment about business entanglements with Raekwon the Chef, Ghostface Killah and U-God.

"I stopped doing business with Raekwon," RZA told us recently. "I said, 'We can be brothers, but we can't do business,' because he was doubting my business judgment. You doing business, you gotta have that faith. It takes faith to do that business. Me and Ghost is family, so I don't like to speak on that situation, but he has people around him that's deluded. They make him believe something that's not real. I said this to Ghostface last week on the bus and said to U-God, 'If you try to sue me for $100,000 ... I don't owe you sh--.' Why would you say something like that? You let your lawyer gas you. I said to Ghost, 'How the f--- I owe you $2 million, God?'

"Sh-- is crazy, G. All that sh-- is really delusion," the Clan's head continued. "I got nothing but love for the Gods. We got people in our ears. I got people in my ear that said, 'Don't do the tour. You got this, you got that, you don't need that Wu-Tang

sh--.' "

Despite the differences on the business end, RZA said musically he'll get down with his brothers any day and doesn't regret the tour at all. There may even be another Wu-Tang album to come out of this.

"The tour is going well," RZA said. "We're out here busting our brains and having fun. Conversations have been sparking on the bus about potentially doing some more music. It's a good thing. Once we're talking, it's a dialogue going. Once we start building, trust me, sh-- gets better for us. Sh-- gets better for everybody around us. You're dealing with scientists. We'll see if brothers get on the same wavelength. As far as us doing music together, I'm sure the other brothers are at the level I'm at — I don't care if only 10 n---as hear it now. It's medicine. That's something that I started — my style of hip-hop when I came in the game. I didn't care how people got it. I felt like MC Hammer and Young MC and all them was selling millions of records, and they was just keeping people blind. I said if 1 million people buy Wu-Tang, it's better than better than 20 million people buying [MC Hammer's] record. That's 1 million more people waking up to the light of life."

Something that may happen before an entire Wu-Tang LP, though, is the [artist id="1190"]Raekwon[/artist] sequel to his debut album [url id="http://www.mtv.com/music/artist/raekwon/albums.jhtml?albumId=73087"]Only Built for Cuban Linx[/url]. RZA produced a bulk of the tracks, and Dr. Dre handled the rest.

"Sh-- got a little crazy," RZA said about the album's distribution. "I don't know where it got crazy. Raekwon went back in and I think he's gonna put it out in March. I gave him all the music he wanted. He can keep the music. I think Dre is doing the same thing. We ain't gonna try to squeeze his pocket. He said it's coming out in March. He's saying that on the mic during the tour: 'Cuban Linx II is coming in March.' I hope he lives up to his word. That sh-- is fire."