Golden Globe Fashion: Celebrity Stylists Weigh In On Hits And Misses

Our panel swoons over Zac Efron and Kates Winslet and Beckinsale, but calls Renee Zellweger's look 'unfortunate.'

We here at MTV News have already weighed in on Golden Globes fashion. We decided that Amy Adams looked fabulous and that Renée Zellweger looked fugulous . Now we've rounded up some fashion experts — Karin Nelson, Sam Spector and former "Project Runway" contestant Sweet P — to get the professionals' take on the ups and downs of the red carpet and to see which trends will last beyond January 11.

First, we had our experts reveal their favorites of the night. No matter who they thought looked the best, the clear winner was the color white.

"There were so many women in white, and I loved it — so clean and fresh and optimistic. Carolina Herrera once said that a woman always looks well in white, and I have to agree — especially when she has a tan," said Karin Nelson, senior editor-at-large of V magazine and a contributor to the New York Times Thursday styles section. "I thought [movieperson id="4374"]Kate Beckinsale[/movieperson] looked absolutely gorgeous in a white dress with hair slicked to the side and a pair of statement earrings."

Celebrity stylist Sam Spector agreed that Beckinsale stunned the masses, and he also gave props to another Kate. "Kate Beckinsale's dress was simple yet fashion-forward and fit her like a glove," he said. "And [movieperson id="166088"]Kate Winslet's[/movieperson] whole look was so tasteful. Her jewelry was understated and refined. Her hair and makeup were flawless. This was her year, and she really shined in the style area."

Spector was also a fan of [movieperson id="243055"]Eva Mendes[/movieperson], as was Sweet P, who thought that she looked white-hot. "I love this Dior gown on her," Sweet P told MTV News. "It is stunning against her skin. Her hair is great and looks unfussy and modern. Her necklace is great and adds pizzazz to her elegant look, funks it up a bit. She looks absolutely gorgeous!"

While there wasn't a clear winner for best-dressed, there was definitely consensus on who looked the worst. "[movieperson id="168632"]Renée Zellwegger[/movieperson] looked rather unfortunate in a sheer dress with her beige bra showing through," Nelson said. "And that poodle hair was just kinda silly."

Spector agreed. "Renée Zellweger's look was a total mess," he said. "The top was inappropriately sheer and at the same time oddly fussy, while the skirt was too formal and severe and didn't work with the rest of the outfit. To top it off her hair was overly done."

Other stars coming in for criticism included [movieperson id="369042"]Blake Lively[/movieperson], whose dress Spector described as "a really inexpensive prom dress." And Sweet P said that "Dancing with the Stars" champ [movieperson id="306030"]Brooke Burke's[/movieperson] dress looked "like an old-lady dress. Too much going on here — draping, beading, more fabric, bad hair. I am not into this look."

The clear front-runner among the young Hollywood crowd had to be [movieperson id="438080"]Zac Efron[/movieperson], who left our critics swooning over his stylish look. "He looked elegant with his hair slicked to the side," Nelson said. "Like old Hollywood."

His look was also admired by Spector, who said, "He looked handsome working the wet look for his hair and a mod tuxedo with a skinny tie."

Meanwhile, Sweet P loved his gal pal [movieperson id="318323"]Vanessa Hudgens'[/movieperson] look. (Perhaps they can be crowned the best-dressed couple of the night?) "I love her Alberta Ferretti nude gown," she said. "The hair, makeup and jewelry are right, the dress fits her perfectly and I love, love, love the necklaces. She looks young, fresh and fun."

At the end of the day there are several trends that the experts think will make it big in the coming months. Those include statement necklaces, wearing tons of bracelets and sheer colors like nude and blush. "Spring is all about nude, cream and taupe-colored clothing," Nelson explained. "Makeup colors — there is nothing sexier."

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