'Hills' Co-Star Brody Jenner Says He And Lauren Conrad Are Friends With Benefits

'We had a friendmance,' the star of the upcoming spin-off 'Bromance' says of relationship with his ex.

The on-again, off-again romantic entanglements between Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner have been well-documented on "The Hills": After dating for a bit, the couple eventually broke up but remained friends. Jenner, however, has a better way to define their relationship.

"It's not a 'bromance,' " he told MTV News at the "Hills" finale party at New York's Tavern on the Green. "We're gonna come up with a new name. It's gonna be something where a guy and girl can be friends without actually being called in a relationship."

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His pal and fellow "Hills" castmate Frankie Delgado told Jenner that a word already exists to describe the not-so-torrid love affair between the former flames. "It's called friends with benefits," he said.

"Oh, did somebody come up with that?" Jenner quipped. "Well, we had a friendmance."

Although he wasn't quick to establish the terms of a "friendmance," Jenner had quite an elaborate way to define a bromance. "It's a football game," he said. "It's not baseball. The kickoff is the meeting: 'Hey, what's up, bro?' Then, when they catch the ball, it's like, 'Is he going to be cool or not?' If he makes it past the 25-yard line, he's all right. If he gets past that, he's a bro."

Bros apparently also spend time in hot tubs together, as is the case on Jenner's new show "Bromance," which premieres December 29. "I like awkward guy moments," Jenner explained. "In pop culture these days, people love awkward guy moments.

"I'm comfortable with my sexuality," he added. "I have a girlfriend. Everyone who knows me knows I'm not gay. It's all love."

Jenner's former bro Spencer Pratt told MTV News he wants to share the love too. "I just asked when auditions are for season two," he said, after sharing a hug with Jenner on the red carpet. "I'm going to try to get back in the bro clique."

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