Spencer Pratt Denies Heidi Montag Quickie Wedding On 'Hills' Finale, But He Still Wants Kids ASAP

On the finale red carpet, Stephanie, Holly, Audrina, LC and others are shocked to hear of the couple's plans to start a family.

Though the couple had eloped in Mexico last month, Spencer Pratt decided at the last minute on Monday night's season finale of [url id="/ontv/dyn/the_hills/series.jhtml"]"The Hills"[/url] not to make his marriage to Heidi Montag legal until they could have a big wedding. "I just want to give you the wedding of your dreams that you have been talking about for three years," he said, instead of reciting his vows at the Beverly Hills Courthouse.

But before that bombshell aired on Monday, Heidi and Spencer were talking up their plans to start a family at the [url id="http://remotecontrol.mtv.com/2008/12/22/real-time-reports-from-tavern-on-the-green-were-live-blogging-the-hills-finale/"]finale party at New York's Tavern on the Green[/url]. Earlier that day, Spencer told Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM that they "need a kid ASAP," and he didn't back out of it when MTV News asked about their plans.

"I'm always serious," Spencer said on the red carpet. "ASAP could be in five years in my world. Could be! I don't [know]. I'm not having the kids, so I'm not making the timetable."

Heidi elaborated on when that timetable seemed plausible. "We've been talking about it. We'll see! We'll see!"

The couple's family and friends seemed almost more surprised to hear this than they were about the wedding — perhaps because they thought Spencer's move at the courthouse meant they weren't going to make any more drastic family decisions soon.

Stephanie Pratt didn't appear to know anything about her brother's plans until she walked the carpet. "Oh, my gosh! They said soon?" she said. "I know they want a dog soon.

"No, he was kidding!" Stephanie went on. "I can't believe that. Really? Oh my God, they want to play house." Pratt said she wasn't sure if the couple is ready to take on the responsibility of raising a child and suggested that they play house "without kids."

By contrast, Heidi's sister, Holly, was excited at the possibility of being called aunt. "It would be honor to be able to be an aunt," she said. "I'm sure their children would be so beautiful."

Meanwhile, Audrina Patridge didn't seem shocked by the couple's decision to start a family. But she said she needs to see some more evidence before she can decide if they're ready for parenthood. "Well, they're married now, so might as well," she said. "I think they'd be good parents. I don't know [though]. I've never really seen them with kids."

Although Lauren Conrad and Heidi may have kissed and sort of made up in the finale, she didn't feel it was the right time for her to weigh in on baby Speidi. "I didn't hear," she told MTV News of their parenting plans. "I would rather not have an opinion on that."

Lo Bosworth also took herself out of the debate. "I guess if they want to start a family, it's their decision," she said. "Whenever someone gets married, you have to wish them the best and hope that they do OK."

Whitney Port, who celebrated her last season on "The Hills", wished the best for Heidi and Spencer, even though she thought maybe it was a bit soon into their relationship. "I think they just got married, and they should enjoy their married life."

We'll have lots more from "The Hills" finale today and tomorrow — and head over to the Newsroom blog to find out what presents our Secret Santa had for the show's cast members!