50 Cent Challenges Anyone To Beat Him At His New Video Game, 'Blood On The Sand'

Rapper also reveals that 19 new tracks will debut in the game.

[artist id="860639"]50 Cent's[/artist] new video game, "Blood on the Sand," isn't even out yet, but he's ready to take on any challengers now.

"I actually had the opportunity to play it, and I'm pretty good at it," the rap superstar told MTV UK this week. "If anybody out there wants to create a challenge or wants to bet some money online, we could play the game right now."

Well, maybe not right now. After two years in the making and being dropped by original publisher Vivendi Games following the company's merger with Activision earlier this year, the rapper's second video game will be released in January by THQ. It will also come with brand-new tracks that won't be available anywhere else, not even on his fourth solo album, Before I Self-Destruct, due February 4.

"There's 19 tracks that [people] haven't heard before on the actual video game," he revealed. "Of course, the hit music that I'm sure [fans] would be interested in, I put on there also. And there's the opportunity for you to program the game to play [the music] at different points after you've reached different stages in the game."

Fif already told MTV News that he drew inspiration from an unlikely place — Leonardo DiCaprio's 2006 film "Blood Diamond" — but he also mentioned that the game designers at U.K.'s Swordfish Studios combined their ideas with his big-screen influence. The result is something that the rapper is pleased with.

"I'm happy with the video game," he said. "The actual aesthetics, the scenery, was inspired by ['Blood Diamond'] on some levels. I actually went to Los Angeles to meet with some of the programmers, and we sat down. They showed me some options and some things that they had already developed. I told them this idea that I thought would be cool and to merge the idea into what they already had, and it worked out."

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