50 Cent Admits To Being A Junkie: 'I'm Addicted To Success'

'There's no rehab for success, or I'd go check in right now,' says the mogul, who has a film, video game and LP lined up.

When you've made almost as much money in one year as the new $160 million man C.C. Sabathia will make over a seven-year span with his New York Yankees contract, no wonder [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] talks casually about his funds depleting.

"The only thing that doesn't come with an instruction book is money," he told MTV UK this week about his fortune. "So you get it, and if you blow it, it's cool. You've just got to go and get some more. My concept of where I'm headed next is wherever creatively I lead myself. The projects that I commit to are based on my passion for each individual thing."

50's current project is "Dead Man Running," which he's filming in London. His video game "Blood in the Sand" drops in January (we'll have more on that in the coming days), and Before I Self-Destruct, Fif's fourth solo album, comes out February 4. Bricks are not on his radar.

"I wouldn't be a part of a video game if I didn't think I could bring something to it that would up the standards of the market space," he explained. "Film projects are the same. When I read the screenplay, I envision what's happening in the screenplay, and if it's exciting to me, I'll commit to it. If not, I won't. I couldn't care less what an agent says or a manager. I don't let them make decisions for me, because if I fail, I'd rather it be my fault and a reflection of something that I chose to do than someone else's idea and me having to pay for it through my career.

"I've had a lot of success, and I plan on having a lot more," 50 added. "I feel like I'm a work in progress, and if I'm honest with you, I'm a junkie. I'm addicted to success. There's no rehab for success, or I'd go check in right now."