Diddy Auditions For James Bond Gig And Wants Superman To Be Black

In a short film promoting I Am King fragrance, the music mogul shows he's the quintessential international man of mystery.

Not only would [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] like to see a black man push 007's trademark Aston Martin, he seems to be lobbying to be included in the popular movie series currently starring Daniel Craig.

"I know in [MI6] they have some black agents," Diddy said at New York's London Hotel, where he was promoting his I Am King men's fragrance. "I know there's some black people that can save the world. White people aren't the only people that can save the world. My variation, I would come from the New York agency. I would actually be working with James Bond. And he would get kidnapped, and I would have to come get him and save the day. It's a natural thing. It's organic. I think it would be a tragedy for the next James Bond not to be black, and I think the next Superman should be black. We are like the coolest creatures on the face of the Earth."

Diddy makes his case in a short film for I Am King, in which he plays an international man of mystery and leisure, keeping it sexy with the females and befuddling his male foes.

"It was inspired by James Bond, on some black Bond-type tip," he said of the clip, which was shot two years ago in Saint-Tropez. "I'm out here promoting myself. And I said it's for the fragrance, y'all check it out for that. But also, you directors out there, see that your man does his own stunts. Check out the swag and all that. It was more like something I said, something I felt like. I didn't make it as the audition tape [for the Bond films], but I do want people [in Hollywood] to look at it."

Whether Puff can make it in Hollywood as a secret agent remains to be seen — he says Barack Obama's winning the election has helped his chances — however he's already picked out his own Bond Girl: Robin Thicke's wife, Paula Patton.

I Am King is Diddy's second cologne. In 2006, he released the award-winning Unforgivable, which was followed by the perfume Unforgivable Woman. He said I Am King is dedicated to Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali.

"It's not about me saying, 'I'm the king,' " he explained of the new scent's name. "It's about us. It's about your father, your brother. It's about him. ... It's about the king in all of us. It's really celebrating men. When I was growing up, my grandmother always told said, 'You are what you say you are.' She called me her little king. She said I was a decedent of royalty."

Looks like Diddy took those words to heart.