Kanye West Inspires Lil Wayne; Notorious B.I.G. Performs With Big L: Mixtape Monday

Plus: Chamillionaire drops a new mixtape just two months after his last one.

Artists: [artist id="13432"]Notorious B.I.G.[/artist] featuring [artist id="508549"]Big L[/artist]

Representing: BK and Harlem

Underground Tape: Live From Amsterdam

411: Shout-out to Cool Will C for sending us the link to this classic concert — who knows where he found this? We don't even know exactly where to point you to find this baby, but search the Net and it should pop up. Two undeniable MCs, Biggie and Big L, performing a concert in Amsterdam circa '95? You can't be serious. Hell yes, Christmas came early! Do we really need to give a huge explanation? Biggie and the whole M.A.F.I.A. doing their timeless cuts; Big L ripping the stage down solo until he brings out special guests Showbiz and A.G. — can we get a soul clap? (Also, we saw the film "Notorious." It's amazing! Everybody was on point, especially Gravy. You did Biggie and the Brooklyn right, Gravy!)

Joints To Check For

» "Who Shot Ya" by Notorious B.I.G. You can see and hear Biggie doing most of the big hits from the Ready to Die era — "Juicy," "Big Poppa," "Warning" — but you rarely get a chance to feel how he rocked "Who Shot Ya" live. Plus, it is your host, Shaheem Reid's, favorite Biggie song of all time.

» "Ebonics" by Big L. L was no studio MC — not only was he lyrically blessed, homie had the ability to take his words off of wax and articulate them with fire live. Let's face it, some of our favorite rappers are straight dookie at a show. L had crazy breath control, riffing, "Cocaine is nose candy/ Cigarettes is bones/ A radio is a box, a razor blade is a ox/ Fat diamonds is rocks and jakes is cop/ And if you got rubbed, you got stuck."

» "Day One" freestyle. L mixes lyrics we never heard with words we love — L fans, remember these rhymes? "What's this muthaf---in' rap game without L?/ Yo, that's like jewels without ice/ That's like China without rice/ Or the holy Bible without Christ/ Or the Bulls without Mike." True to the Harlem heavyweight's words, the game is missing something without him.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

» The Empire and Lil Wayne - The Drought Is Over 6

» Tapemasters Inc and Jay-Z - My President Is Black

» DJ Whoo Kid and Cashis - Homeland Security

» Serius Jones - Serius Bizness

» Blood Raw - Pain Power And Promises

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar

» [artist id="1043"]Busta Rhymes[/artist] (featuring [artist id="1269"]Diddy[/artist], [artist id="1161216"]Swizz Beatz[/artist], [artist id="1998098"]T-Pain[/artist], [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] and [artist id="1240040"]Akon[/artist]) - "Arab Money" (remix)

[artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] - "Brooklyn (Go Hard)"

» [artist id="1189492"]The Clipse[/artist] - "Big Dreams"

» B.O.B. (featuring [artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist]) - "I'm Dat N---a"

» [artist id="1689514"]Tony Yayo[/artist] - "Smoke Break"

» [artist id="1715121"]Ryan Leslie[/artist] (featuring [artist id="1163822"]Jadakiss[/artist]) - "How It Was Supposed to Be"

» Chris Brown (featuring [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] and [artist id="2017563"]Lupe Fiasco[/artist]) - "Forever" remix

» Freeway (featuring [artist id="1245018"]Lloyd Banks[/artist]) - "Reparation"

» [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist] (featuring [artist id="10489"]R. Kelly[/artist]) - "If I Were a Boy" remix

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Can somebody do something to impress Lil Wayne? Several weeks back, he told us that he loved the music that was out, but none of it really excited him, let alone pushed him to excel. Well, except one man: Kanye West.

"I'm on there. I already did a song on there," Weezy said with a smile about 'Ye's 808s & Heartbreak. Weezy, who appears on "See You in My Nightmares," was very excited about the release of the album, which dropped last Monday. This week, we'll sit back and wait to see how big the numbers will be.

" 'Ye is an innovator, so it's always a pleasure to be around someone so creative, because it drives you to be more or just as," Wayne said about working with West. ...

On a related note, "Louisianimal," a Wayne track that disses 50 Cent, leaked over the weekend. Wayne gives a big "F you" to "two quarters" on the record. Can't wait to see how that develops. Chances are, though, the song was never supposed to come out. It's a featured record on the new Empire mixtape The Drought Is Over Part Six: The Reincarnation.

50 goaded Wayne on several underground records months ago. Fif told MTV News that part of his reason for going at Wayne was Birdman Jr.'s high ranking on the controversial "Hottest MCs" list. But tensions seemed to ease recently. There had been talk of Wayne going on tour with G-Unit, and Tony Yayo confirmed that the two factions had been in personal contact and that everything was cool.

When it comes to Empire, well, Wayne has flat-out denounced him. Weezy has said that Empire steals his music and that the Drought Is Over series is definitely unsanctioned.

Fifth time's a charm. [artist id="1746755"]Chamillionaire[/artist] didn't wait long to follow-up Mixtape Messiah Four — it's been just two months, and part five is here.

"People got it twisted. Some people talk down on this culture like it's bad," he said. " 'Why are you doing little old mixtapes?' At this point, you gotta come back down to the ground level. That's where it's popping at. That's really what's happening. These are the real people out here that's supporting us. This is really what they want. The mixtapes never stopped. People still consume them if they bootlegging them, downloading online — people want them. The best way to talk to my fans is by putting out a mixtape."

Supporting his free product is awesome, but Cham says make sure you support his official LP Venom when it drops next year.

"It's scheduled to drop first quarter. I just dropped the first single, 'Creepin' (Solo)' — it's produced by [artist id="2023446"]DJ Montay[/artist]," Cham added. "I actually wanted that single to come out — that's why I leaked that one. I wanted that song to dictate [the tone of the album]. Because it's a lot of people that think they know me when they don't. It's all about reinventing. I don't want to be stuck in no box, so I'm kinda going in a different direction. The Venom is the poisonous spider that bit me. They so used to this other guy, now you about to get this guy. This is some of my hardest music." ...

The division in Houston has traditionally been about personal squabbles, however, [artist id="1605088"]Slim Thug[/artist] explains that red tape drove a wedge between him and his homies when they signed to major labels during the city's explosion four years ago.

"Everybody got deals," Thugger said. "It was good. They was signing everybody, but, at the same time, they kinda put salt in the game. They was separating us. It went from us being Houston to them trying to separate us. When I say 'them,' I mean the major labels. It's a lot of stuff y'all don't know about that made me hate major labels. I can do a verse for Cham and my people won't clear it to be on his album. Or I'll do something for [artist id="1233737"]Mike Jones[/artist] or [artist id="1230294"]Paul Wall[/artist]. I done verses for their albums, and they won't clear it 'cause they scared that they may have that 'Still Tippin' ' again, or they scared of them having a hit record rather than it be on mine. That ain't how it go. We grew up together, we all came up doing this music together — we need to keep it that way. Whoever gets it, gets it. [The labels] was driving us apart."

Well, Houston came together last Sunday during the "Best of Texas" concert at the Los Magnificos Car Show, and we were there. Check out some highlights here. In the words of Dave Chappelle acting as [artist id="9951"]Rick James[/artist], "Unit-teeee!"

[flipbook id="1600441"](Click here for photos from the car show.)[/flipbook]

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