Shorty Phone Home: Master P Developing Sci-Fi Flick For Romeo

'It's like a twist off of "E.T. [The Extra Terrestrial]," ' P says.

Master P has stacked some of his millions from the success of his low-budget films, including "Foolish" and the star-making 'hood favorite "I'm Bout It." Now, with No Limit Films currently developing a sci-fi family flick for his son Lil' Romeo, P is ready to spend some of those big bucks.

"I'm working on a movie right now called 'Shorty' with Romeo," P said Tuesday in New York. "It's like a twist off of 'E.T. [The Extra Terrestrial].' He's the lead role in it — it's gonna be real big. We're right in the beginning stages of it. We got some [calls] out to directors. This will be a real big-budget [film]."

According to P, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. His lad is carrying on the family tradition, making an easy transition from mic thuggin' to thespian.

"He's definitely a natural, multi-talented," P bragged. "Right now I'm getting him with the best acting coach and he's taking him to the next level. His education plays a big role in it. By him being well-educated, he's really catching on to it real good. Schooling is the key to his success."

No word yet on whether the alien in Romeo's movie will use some of those illegal cell phones from "I Got the Hook-up" to in fact phone home, though P himself has been busy on the horn. He's still getting calls from Hollywood producers and is going to be seen in the upcoming Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames drama, Undisputed, as one of the Cut Throat Boys who provide "jailhouse entertainment." He's also developing his own starring vehicle called "911."

"This is about a kid who gets caught up and he lives life on the wrong side of the track," P said of the film. "His mom was raped and he's going through a lot of depression, he's trying to make it out the 'hood and ends up getting sucked up by the streets. This movie has a lot of emotion. People think it's a street movie but it ends up being a love movie about this kid who really loves his family."

On a smaller scale, M.P. is going over video treatments for the second single off of his Gameface album, "Real Love."

"It's a remake of Teena Marie's 'Square Biz,' " he said of the cut. "It's one of those songs that everybody knows. It definitely was time [to bring it back]. This is one of those songs for the women, and it was their time to have it."

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