New Song: Juicy J, 'Ain't No Coming Down' (NSFW)

Juicy J rhymes about his "high" expectations on "Ain't No Coming Down."

Juicy J has never shied away from spitting rhymes about his favorite cigarettes (see: "Smokin' And Sippin" and "Get Me High") that are definitely not cigarettes (if you catch my drift), and his brand-new jam, "Ain't No Coming Down," is no exception. It's not like the dude just climbed Mount Everest, so please use your imagination to determine the other kind of "high" Juicy could never descend from.

Listen to Juicy J's "Ain't No Coming Down" after the jump.

Produced by Childish Major and C4, "Ain't No Coming Down" has the Memphis rapper primarily concerned with the ration of "liquor" to "sips" as well as the quality of weed he'll consume: "Roll up, let's burn up, turn up, ain't no turning down." Later, Juicy dedicates a few lines to how he would so much rather chow down on French toast in the comfort of his 900-thread count Egyptian sheets: "Early morning get to the bread/ So I call it breakfast in bed." Is rapping about about pot the most inventive concept on the block? Nope (and for the record, we're not exactly encouraging him), but who are we to scoff at a dude who admits he wants 24/7 breakfast in bed, and not just on special holidays and occasions?

+ Listen to Juicy J's "Ain't No Coming Down" (NSFW).

Photo credit: Columbia Records

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