The 'Power Rangers' Movie Has Its Red Ranger

Finally, someone who can tell us for sure when it's morphin' time.

After snagging its pink ranger earlier this month, The Power Rangers movie is finally seeing red.

Dacre Montgomery has been cast as the Red Ranger in movie slated for 2017, according to a post on the film's official instagram.

Montgomery is a total newcomer to Hollywood -- this is his first feature film, ever -- but the announcement did include a picture of him, so at least you know what the man in the red zentai suit will look like.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, let's assume he'll be making this soulful face under there the whole time.

The actor will be joining former Disney Channel star Naomi Scott, who was the first of the Rangers to be cast.

That leaves three Rangers still to be selected, but Montgomery has filled arguably the most important role (apart from the Pink Ranger, who enjoys a certain cult icon status that the other Rangers for some reason never attained.) In addition to being the de facto leader of the Power Rangers team, the Red Ranger traditionally lets the rest of the Rangers know when the morphin' hour is upon us.

Red Ranger

Personally, we could not handle this much responsibility. But Dacre Montgomery is a professional, so he'll be fine.

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