Pete Wentz And Ashlee Simpson Keep Fall Out Boy Bandmates In The Dark About Baby

Frontman Patrick Stump says they have no idea when little Wentzlee is due, or what he/she will be called.

The guys in Fall Out Boy are a lot like you and me — they have no idea just when Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson's is due.

Or at least that's what they were telling us backstage at Sunday's "Total Finale Live," moments after three-fourths of them — minus Wentz, who was at home with the very pregnant Simpson — bundled up and performed on a flatbed truck in the middle of Times Square.

"Pete is at home with his wife, they're just getting ready for the baby," FOB frontman Patrick Stump said. "It was a collective decision, because Pete is the type of guy who would do anything for this band, but the band is the type of band that would do anything for him. And it was one of those things where we decided that, for Ashlee's sake, he needs to be there right now, no matter what happens.

"I'm not spilling anything. As far as I know, there's no baby yet," he continued. "But still, there's a very pregnant woman, so he definitely needs to be there. It was a mutual thing, though I miss the crud out of him. I wish he were here."

And though, as of this moment, there's still no update on the baby front, that didn't stop Wentz's FOB-mates from sending well wishes to their bassist and his wife.

"It was really cool playing Times Square; it would've been way cooler if you were there ... you know, even if [the Academy Is... bassist] Adam [Siska] was there ... but seriously, it's cool," Stump laughed. "Ashlee's been a saint through this whole thing, and my hat doesn't come off, but it's off to her."

Of course, whenever the Wentzlee baby is born, there's going to be plenty of speculation about just what his or her name will be. And once again, the guys in Fall Out Boy are just like us — because they have no idea what that name will be, either.

"This is the first Fall Out Kid," Stump laughed. "I did, briefly, [have a conversation about baby names] with Pete, and he was like, 'I'm not going to have this conversation.' Pete is a showman to the end, and he was like 'No, no no. You'll find out.' He's got something planned. It's probably going to be a really good name."