50 Cent's New Album, Before I Self Destruct, Pushed Back To 2009 Release

Album is now due at 'the beginning of '09,' label says.

The fourth-quarter's hip-hop big bang has gotten less fiery.

Last week dismissed the notion that we would get The Blueprint 3 this year, and on Friday, a rep for Interscope Records confirmed that there won't be a new CD under anyone's Christmas tree this year: Before I Self Destruct has been pushed back until 2009.

There is no concrete release date as of yet, however the record label said in a press release Friday that the delay won't extend far into the year. "The beginning of '09" is their timetable.

50 has the single and video for "Get Up" out now, and the bad man promised more before the album drops. He told Mixtape Monday of a -helmed track he "stole" from Eminem during their recording session in Detroit a few months ago. 50 did note that did give him his blessing to use the record.

"I said, 'Let me see what [Dre did],' " 50 recalled with a smile while speaking on the video set of "Get Up." "Last time I recorded The Massacre album, I was in Orlando [Florida]. I went in the computer there. That's how I found 'I'm Supposed to Die Tonight.' It's interesting. With 'In Da Club,' [who the beat was intended for], had the production started my career."

Besides Dre, Eminem appears on Before I Self Destruct as well.

"We created some music," he said of Slim Shady. "I went to Detroit recently. One song I really liked it and he liked it and he kept it for his album. I went back and made two more songs. We got 'Norman Bates Motel' out of that. It's exciting."

"Norman Bates Motel" is slated to appear on Before I Self Destruct. In addition to the music, 50 is producing a film also called "Before I Self Destruct" (check out the trailer here) and the Jam Master Jay documentary, "Two Turntables And A Microphone: The Life And Death Of Jam Master Jay."

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