Miley Cyrus Spoofs Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Video -- Swapping Zombies For Paparazzi

'I needed a serious massage afterward,' she says of 'Fly on the Wall' clip's intense choreography.

might not be dating Nick Jonas anymore, but that doesn't mean their paths don't cross once in a while. For her new "Fly on the Wall" video, the teen star hooked up with Philip Andelman, who also directed the ' "Lovebug" clip.

"I'm not sure if she did know I directed the ['Lovebug'] video and she didn't mention it on set," he told MTV News of the coincidence. But, the director said, she definitely had a very strong idea of what she wanted in the video. "I was told the song was a soft poke at the paparazzi that Miley is constantly surrounded by and that she was hoping for there to be some choreography in the video."

Cyrus told us the song is about the constant attention she gets, whether she goes to the mall with a new love interest or holds a "sweet 16" bash at Disneyland. " 'Fly on the Wall' is about the media," she said. "It's about how they think they know everything about me, when they don't. They want to be a fly on my wall and watch me 24/7."

The clip spoofs 's classic "Thriller" video, but Andelman said that instead of zombies, everyone turns into Miley's worst nightmare: prying photographers. "I didn't want to do something too serious, as I felt it would come off as her being whiny instead of playful," he said.

"The gist of the concept is that she and her boyfriend are on a date, leaving a movie, when suddenly, he gets overcome by some strange cough," he revealed. "Suddenly, he turns into a paparazzo and begins chasing Miley. Soon, she is backed into a corner with nowhere to turn and the paparazzi approaching, when suddenly, instead of attacking or photographing her, they break into choreography."

Miley said making the video and spoofing her life was a blast. "I definitely had some fun," she said. "I needed a serious massage afterward. It has a great dance number, and it's super-fun."

While "Fly on the Wall" is her favorite track on Breakout, Cyrus thought she needed to wait a bit before releasing the single. "It was originally going to be the first single. But instead, I thought '7 Things' was a better introduction to my entire album," she said. " 'Fly on the Wall' is very catchy and fun to dance to. It's one of my favorite songs on the album."

It's that kind of business sense that Andelman thinks will help keep Cyrus relevant for years to come, no matter what she sets her sights on next. "She was this incredible bouncing ball of energy," he said. "The second she's on set, you know it, because there is literally a whirlwind of giddiness that whooshes around her.

"She's got a really, really quick wit that keeps you on your toes," he added. "You can't pull a fast one on her, unfortunately, and she knows it!"

That youthful effervescence lends itself to Cyrus' ever-growing résumé, Andelman said. "Every day, it seems like she adds another project to her already-busy schedule," the director said. "I think what is so remarkable about her now is that she has a-million-and-one projects in a-million-and-one different directions. ... It's really astounding. Heck, she might just become the nation's greatest potter next year — wouldn't surprise me at all!"

Unlike Brett Ratner, who directed Cyrus in her VMA-nominated "7 Things" video and compared her to Madonna, Andelman likens Cyrus to an unexpected celebrity.

"She is constantly cracking jokes, constantly jumping up and down," he said. "I could not imagine someone having more energy than her. She's like a mini, female Jim Carrey."