Find 'Twilight,' 'Watchmen' Exclusives And More Movie Sneak Peeks On MTV's New 'Spoilers' Series

New show kicks off with MTV News' 'Twilight' screening party on November 14.

SANTA MONICA, California — Last week, the MTV Movies Blog whipped movie lovers into a frenzy with the announcement that fans were being recruited for a top-secret television show taping. Now, all can finally be revealed.

For once, fans of such upcoming films as "Twilight" and "Watchmen" will find themselves embracing "Spoilers" rather than running away from them — as that's the name of MTV's newest program, a quarterly movie special that will deliver first looks at the year's biggest upcoming flicks, including behind-the-scenes action and exclusive scenes.

As loyal followers of MTV's "Twilight" Tuesday well know, the series kicks off with a premiere episode being taped later this week. That "Spoilers" episode, featuring such stars from the highly anticipated flick as Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and director Catherine Hardwicke, will air on November 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Hundreds of the most die-hard "Twilight" fans in the world will attend MTV News' screening of the film, with the stars walking the blood-red carpet to chat with MTV's own Tim Kash. In addition to "Twilight," the first installment will also give viewers exclusive access to scenes from such upcoming blockbusters as "Watchmen," "Bride Wars," "Bedtime Stories" and more.

So set your DVRs, TiVos and VCRs (and seriously, if you're still relying on a VCR, why?) to record "Spoilers" on November 14.

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